The World Keeps Spinnin'...

The closer we get to the Olympics and the further we get from the time I spent with London 2012 Ceremonies, the urge to talk about it becoming almost irresistible. But if the Olympics are telling me to keep a secret than I am going to keep that secret come hell or high water! They're not stopping me from trying to describe the atmosphere, though, and no one single entity translates the atmosphere during ceremony auditions than this song.

There was a montage set to it that was played on a loop, so imagine sitting through three-hour shifts with this playing constantly. Annoying, right?


I think it's a major testament to how happy and excited I was to be there that I was never once annoyed with the montage, even bopped along to it and missed it when I was stationed at a booth far away from the speakers. All it takes is the first few notes of this song and I'm taken right back to booth #1, wearing snow boots and a highlighter yellow high-vis vest, with numb fingers and a permanent smile.

It's pretty cool that my memories of the greatest job ever have a soundtrack!

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