Welcome to the London 2012 Summer Olympic Games!

...But not really.

The opening ceremony hasn't happened yet, which means the Olympic cauldron hasn't been lit, which technically means the games are not officially on. Yet earlier today, the women's soccer tournament began in full force, and the men take to the pitch bright and early tomorrow.

Does this confuse anyone else like it does me? These tournaments are two of the longest running of the games, but the women's tournament ends on August 9th, and the men on the 10th. With the closing ceremony on the 12th, that does leave a couple of days free. So why start early? Couldn't they just end as the games themselves come to a close? There has to be some kind of method to this madness, and I'd be really interested to find out what it is.

BUT I cannot complain about two bonus days of the Olympics! I dragged myself out of bed at 9 am this morning to watch Team USA, only to find out that the game wasn't being aired until 11:30. Thanks a ton for the misinformation, NBCOlympics.com. But it's okay, because the American ladies beat France 4-2 and it was awesome. :)

The men's team isn't playing tomorrow, so today's game was such a tease! Guess we'll have to wait until the games begin -- for real -- to deck ourselves out in red, white and blue.

And while you're waiting, you can check out my Olympics preview I wrote for Shades of Sarah!

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