Catching Up

Ya know, when you write blog posts for multiple hours every day for your internships, it’s very difficult to find the motivation to write blog posts in your free time. Who woulda thunk?

But anyway, hey there stranger! I’m kind of bummed that I let June fly by without writing an entry here, but that’s the thing… June flew by. As opposed to last summer, when I was counting down the days until I went back to Miami, I’m wondering where an entire month has gone. It’s amazing the difference that having something to do makes! That being said, I’ve got some updates.

1. Internships.
Heh, I never wrote about the internships I ended up getting! And yes, that is internships, as in plural! :) Internship number one is blogging for It’s virtual, and I write one 300 post a week about college-related issues. It’s super easy, and a lot of fun!

Internships number two and three are technically not separate, since they’re for sister websites. I’m blogging for and, which are blogging communities in the Xanga network. I have to work 15 hours and write at least eight posts total per week. So, like I said, after blogging for at least two hours a day, the last thing I want to do when I’m done is blog more. But it’s been really awesome! I make my own hours and can work from home (aka in my pajamas) or go into their office in NYC. I’ve never had an office to go to before! It’s really exciting! I’d be there all the time if it wasn’t so damn expensive to get into the city. Even though not all interns are local, we’ve had a team day for each site, and everyone is so nice! I have absolutely nothing bad to say about working at Xanga! Except the lack of income, but hey. ;) You can read all my stuff at and

Remember how much time and effort I spent applying to internships, only to get none of them? I’d resigned myself to another summer of boredom when I got an email from about applying for their virtual internship. I shrugged, thinking ‘what the hell?’, and sent my resume and writing samples. A day or two later, I got an email from the woman that’s now my boss, saying I was hired as their first virtual intern. Woo!

Similarly, I’ve had a blog on since like seventh grade, and had been seeing posts about ‘get to know our interns!’ and I thought… hmmm, ya know, that’d be really cool. I couldn’t find any info about applying on their website, so I googled it, and sent my resume and writing samples to the email address I found. Within a few days, I had a phone interview and was told to write a couple of sample posts. A week after that, I found out that I was hired!

After all that stress and strife, I got two awesome internships that I applied for on complete whims, with minimal effort, doing something that I’ve been doing for fun since seventh grade. It’s kind of funny how life works out sometimes. Lovin’ it. :)

2. London 2012.
Let me tell you – getting tickets for the Olympics should be an Olympic sport. Neither Chandini nor I got tickets in the first lottery round, so we set our sights on the first-come, first-served second round. Then came the lies about the start time, crashed website, massive stress, blah blah blah… but Chandini got tickets! Not the ones that we originally wanted; both ceremonies were completely sold out, and track and diving were both obnoxiously expensive. But we’re going to synchronized swimming on August 6th, 2012! WOOOOO! :D I’ve never seen synchronized swimming before, it should be a fun experience. But even if the event itself isn’t, tickets were only around $65, and we’re going just to be there anyway. Now I’m going to try to contact all the Olympics people I’ve spoken to to see if I can swing anything else. I’m so excited! Eeeeek!

The money aspect isn’t something I’m looking forward to, though. Flights are going to cost us an arm and a leg, but hopefully we can find somewhere cheap to stay. So, if anyone knows someone in London that wouldn’t mind having two very quiet, very polite, very grateful houseguests that will spend most of their time away from the house, please let me know!


3. It’s weird not having to worry about keeping this short, or writing in a format that is understood by hundreds (or thousands, in some cases) of people. Stream of consciousness and self-centered ramblings for the win! (And yet I still do this in list form…)

4. Other fun things.
At the end of last semester, I applied for a sports journalism field experience program, and I got accepted! I think it’s a total of 40 or so hours of “skilled volunteering” over the course of the semester. We do things for the various pro teams and their special events, working with the media and such. I’m still pretty fuzzy on the details, but it’ll be really good to stay in the sports field while I’m doing opinion for The Hurricane.

The Olympics are going to be awarded to a city for 2018 pretty soon. I think it’s down to Korea, Germany, and France. Exciting and all, but I’m just waiting for the US to make another bid. *taps fingers impatiently*

Hmm, what else? Well, I’m camping out with Brianna this weekend in Lincoln Center in preparation for the Harry Potter premiere on Monday night. Yes, this isn’t Olympics related at all, but I’m obnoxiously excited that, in a week from this very moment, I may have gotten Alan Rickman’s autograph. I’ll probably have to wait until the fall (when he’s doing a Broadway show!) to actually speak to him and/or get a picture with him, but still. I’m starting to fangirl already. This is a slight problem.

It’s nice blogging about happy Olympics career-related things again! :) Happy Fourth of July!