What's The Weather Like In London?

Because I need to know what to pack.


For those of you that don't know, I've kind of been suffering in silence for the past few months. My plans to go to the Olympics fell apart altogether in early June, and I've been scrambling to put them back together ever since. I couldn't find a place to stay, and I imagined flight prices skyrocketing, and I'd all but given up.

But on Monday, I was offered a place to stay. Mere hours later, I was offered ANOTHER place to stay. On Tuesday, I checked flight prices and found them wonderfully, gloriously still within my budget. And today, I purchased tickets.


I still don't know if I'll get to go to the event Chandini and I got tickets for, since she's not going and they were purchased in her name. However, the women's marathon, both triathlons, and men's race walk, which are ticketless road events, are occurring while I'm there. So I'll be able to put my waiting-on-the-street skills to use and see some Olympics! Would it be obnoxious to bring a giant American flag? Yeah, probably. AND, if all goes as planned I'll be able to visit the ceremonies rehearsal venue at Dagenham, which is still holding closing ceremony rehearsals! I may not have a visa to be able to work, but my pass and vest still get me into the site... as do my wonderful coworkers. :)

I'm so excited!! I've wanted to try traveling by myself for a while, and it's kind of funny that this will be how it happens. It's the best possible scenario, though; it's in a city that I know really well, and OLYMPICS! It'll be interesting being an emotional mess all by my lonesome, but I'm hoping that similar-minded strangers won't judge me too harshly. And if they do? Sorry not sorry!