Ever Wonder What Ceremony Auditions Look Like?

20 days to go, guys. We have officially passed the three week mark and I feel my emotional breakdown rapidly approaching.

I was poking around on YouTube the other day and found a video I'd like to show you. I'm not really allowed to talk about my volunteering until after the Closing Ceremony (sigh), but if you were wondering what the audition/rehearsal venue looks like, here's a peek!

This is before I started working there, so the process I saw was a little different. It was the same massive roomful of people, but there was no judges panel-like table set up. The room they show is one of three studios used for the cast, and on any given day all three could be in use. And pause the video at 1:24 -- I know the lady in the red vest! She's Sara-Ellen, the head honcho of the casting department and a wonderful human being. :)

I cannot wait until my confidentiality agreement is no longer a thing.

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