About Me

'Sup! I'm Darci. Welcome to my corner of the internet!

I'm a New Yorker turned Miamian turned Londoner turned Coloradan with a slightly overzealous interest in all things Olympic. Nice to meet you!

I'm 27 (yikes!) and pretending to be a real grown-up, but I'm really just as confused as everyone else is. Probably more so, actually, if we're going all full-disclosure here. I run on tea, classic rock and a little bit of magic.

When I was seven years old, my birthday party was Olympics-themed. And two decades later, I have this blog and worked for the United States Olympic Committee for four years. Some call it "obsessive," I call it "consistent." And "dedicated." And "LOL look where it got me, suckas!"

I originally created this blog to chronicle my Olympic journey. So that's cool, but... where the HECK do I go from here? I write about figuring out what the next step is, navigating the murky waters of fake-adult life, getting out of my comfort zone, some travel, a lot of baseball and all sorts of Olympic things. But most importantly, I write. I know the Internet is a place for bite-sized chunks and bullet points, but I like words. Words in sentences and paragraphs and well-crafted stories. I'm sorry. (No I'm not. I have a journalism degree. Words are my jam.)

Some of my other favorite things include the New York Mets (...I know), London (my soul city), Harry Potter, all 1980s pop culture and the University of Miami.

Let's be friends!


  1. Hello Darci..I love your blog. I think we can share some ideas on the Olympic adventures.

    This is my facebook page http://www.facebook.com/nanakyei3 and my email is nanakyei3@yahoo.com. Lets keep in touch.

  2. ahh... I love your blog and you basically live my dream life!!!! I think I'll now go read ALL of your blog posts from london.... (:


  3. Love. Love. LOVE this blog! Your are awesome… hope this blog continues for-evah. Great job… The Miracle On Ice should be required viewing for every school kid in America. Thank you for reminding us all, what a very special event that was.

    1. Oh wow, that just made my day! :D Thank you so much! And uh, yes, every American should be required to watch the Miracle on Ice. I dare anyone to feel un-patriotic after that!

  4. I just stumbled upon your blog by chance, and I gotta say, I am wholly obsessed with it. SO COOL.

  5. you're awesome.

    I as well can quote the Breakfast Club word for word. lets be best friends. lol. Seriously though your blog is epic:) also, I'm Hufflepuff too! represent:)

  6. This is the coolest thing I've read all day! If my about me could be half as entertaining, witty, and informative as yours, I think I could finally be happy with it. Words fail me when it comes to describing myself. :P

  7. Hey Darci! Thanks for commenting on my post! I'll be in touch via email soon but just wanted to leave a comment saying I can't believe there is someone else out there as (who am I kidding, you might be more) obsessed with the Olympics and an Olympic career as me! I don't think we could ever be in the same room together, one of us might explode.

  8. Hi darci, i love your blog especially your Miracle Mondays posts. Really came to appreciate those bunch of boys since watching the movie and learned even more about them because of you. Thanks for that!

  9. Hello your block's Miracle of Brook and about you got me. so gald to be here I'm from far side at the world.