How To Prepare For The London 2012 Opening Ceremony

1. Stock up on gear to represent your country. Not sure what country to support? Team USA is a failsafe answer. Still not sure what country to support? Think harder about Team USA. But if you still can't decide... I've got nothing for you.

2. Make a playlist of the Olympic theme, The Who's "London Calling," and any other songs with the word London in it. Play on a loop.

3. Paint your nails in one or more of the London 2012 colors! Purple, orange, hot pink, teal, yellow. Awwww yeah.

4. Blast British music. Prepare to shriek "OH MY GOD I listened to that song like yesterday!" when you hear it during the ceremony and annoy everyone around you.

5. Watch Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours, and/or Trainspotting. Bask in Danny Boyle's genius.

6. Practice your British accent, drink tea, and eat fish & chips. Mourn the fact that pub culture isn't an American thing and enjoy a pint somewhere else.

7. Read British books. Harry Potter would most definitely suffice.

8. Watch the Beijing Opening Ceremony so you know what NOT to expect to see.

Happy eight days and counting!

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