7 Random Reasons Why the Olympics Are Awesome

Despite my lifelong and ever-growing love for the Olympics, and the fact that they're watched by millions (if not billions) of people around the globe, and that they're the largest event and spectacle in the world, there are still people out there that aren't believers. Not only are they not believers, but they don't even watch. At all. If you're one of those people, this post is directed at you. You might be skeptical about the separation of sport and politics, or sport and money, and that's a perfectly valid argument. You may have no interest in sports -- fair enough. Clearly, making the points that a) these are the greatest athletes in the world, or b) that the Olympics are designed to be separate from the rest of the world's crap would be completely moot. So, here are some slightly less conventional reasons why the Olympics are simply fantabulous.

1. The flags are just so pretty! Seriously, look at them.

2. The two and a half weeks of the Olympics is the only time Americans are "allowed" to be really, really patriotic.

If an American were to take a jaunt around the world, he or she would be very surprised about the patriotism. Union Jacks are a fashion statement in the UK, Israeli flags hang from every balcony in Jerusalem, Welsh flags are flown proudly in the streets of Cardiff, but in America? Maybe one house on a block displays the stars and stripes, and when was the last time you saw anyone wearing red, white and blue and thought something other than "what were they thinking"?

But once the cauldron is lit and our boys and girls are fighting to hear our national anthem played as they stand atop the medal podium, anything other than ardent support is not acceptable. For a brief period, we all unashamedly bleed for Team USA.

3. Because there's nothing quite like watching a USA vs. Canada gold medal hockey game and knowing that every other person you're acquainted with is watching the exact same thing.

And there's also nothing like hearing the entire building erupt in cheers when a goal is scored.

And there's also nothing like being depressed with the entire country when the game is lost.

4. Things like this:

5. And things like this:

(A black Ethiopian athlete and a white South African athlete taking a victory lap together.)

6. One word: SCENERY.

Sydney, Australia

Salt Lake City, Utah, USA

Athens, Greece

Torino, Italy

Beijing, China

Vancouver, Canada

London, England

7. And, of course, the Norwegian curling team's pants.

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