Links I Love

A very interesting slideshow about Olympic Attire Through the Ages. Spoiler alert: I'm especially diggin' slide #9.

The Team USA YouTube account posted four awesome gold medal moments today! Dick Fosbury, Mary Lou Retton, Jesse Owens, and Shawn Johnson. All are definitely worth a watch.

The Olympics Waiting Game, for those of you who want to twiddle your thumbs. Literally.

My future alma mater is awesome, and there are Five Hurricanes Headed to Olympics.

I'm partial to Miracle and the Winter Olympics myself, but the NY Times Olympics blog posted a list of   The Best Summer Olympics Movies (With A Few Asterisks).

Olympics 2012 in Numbers, an awesome animation with facts about the upcoming London Games.

Two fabulous stories on what it was like to audition for the London 2012 ceremonies, The Confessions of an Olympic Opening Ceremony Performer and The Day I Danced for a Place in Danny Boyle's Olympics Spectacular. It's highly possible that I was at one or both of these auditions... and I still know the dance routine to Beyonce's "Love on Top" after five months. Yikes.

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