Rant of the Week: Lay Off the Uniforms

Team USA's Opening Ceremony uniforms were recently released to the media, and I don't think I've heard anyone say a single positive thing about them.

The general consensus seems to be;
1. "OMG they're hideous they're preppy they do not say America and AAAGGHHH BERETS! THE HORROR!"
2. "They're made in China. They should be BURNED."

Let's start with China, shall we?

I understand what the argument is. Really, I do. I agree that it should be all about supporting Team USA with American-made products because America's economy isn't doing so hot right now. But first of all, Ralph Lauren is an American company. And second, why does it take the Olympics to make people wake up and say, "...hey, wait a second! We can make clothes here! Why are we sending them to China!?!?!?!!" This is not new information, folks. Everything American is made in China.

But if you think America is the only country that's being blasphemous about their uniforms, I'd like to introduce you to Spain, whose uniforms were designed by a Russian company.

And here's New Zealand, whose uniforms were designed by a Czech designer, made of Italian textiles, and manufactured in Turkey, China, and Italy.

The world is a global place. It's unreasonable -- and almost impossible -- to expect nations not to rely on each other.

And hey, Team USA has gotten gear from Roots, which is a Canadian company. Does anybody care about that? Or is this an issue with China? Just something to think about.

Now for the issue of aesthetics. Too preppy for you? Tell that to Australia.

South Korea, anyone?

How about Hong Kong?

Hmm, it seems like preppy is kind of a thing at Olympic ceremonies. Especially during the summer. But if you still need something to make you feel better about what Team USA is going to look like as they enter the stadium, take a look at Team GB.

Germany doesn't even think we can tell the difference between men and women, so they've decided to help us out. Who needs the colors of their nation's flag on their uniforms, anyway?

And Russia just loves their... whatever that pattern is.

See? Team USA is going to look just as bad/preppy/whatever as every other team in that stadium.

"But wait!" you exclaim. "The berets are still atrocious!"

Right. That. Hey, remember the ceremony uniforms from Salt Lake City?




The must-have souvenir of the 2002 Salt Lake Games was a fleece beret, something that athletes wore in the opening ceremony and prompted countless people to spend hours on lines waiting to purchase during those Olympics. [source]

But by all means, let's keep whining about clothes. That's obviously the salient point of the Olympics.

[info and photos of 2012 uniforms from mental_floss]

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