Short and Sweet

I have far too much work to do right now, to the point where I don't even want to think about it, so I'll keep this very simple and write a monster post about my latest volunteering adventures at a later date.


What's got two thumbs and is now officially cleared to work in the UK?

THIS GUY! (And yes, I'm actually this excited about the potential to work!)

And my resume and clips have officially been sent off to people involved with press at LOCOG with an awesome vote of confidence from their colleague that's helping me out. AWESOME, I tell you!

Pray for me while I go write a 15-page paper, finish two travel writing stories, write my last short story for creative writing, and do research for an ethics group project...

How am I going to get things accomplished while I'm waiting to hear back from LOCOG, you ask? LOL no idea.