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Do you ever feel like your life is trapped inside a tornado? It feels absurd even writing that, because it's after noon on a Saturday and I'm still in my pajamas and lounging on the couch, and that doesn't seem very tornado-esque. But there's a veritable avalanche awaiting me starting on Monday, so I'm really just hiding from it right now.

Anyway, where was I going with this?

Right, a tornado. That feeling when everything has been thrown up in the air and you know nothing is going to be the same when it comes down so you're just kind of waiting for your life to be completely upended.

I'm probably being excessively dramatic about this. But when it rains, it pours, and right now it's hurricane-ing. I've mentioned that my roommate's moving out; she's getting her stuff out of the apartment on Monday, so when I get home from work there's going to be no furniture. My parents are flying out here to help me get furniture on Tuesday night, so that process will last the rest of the week. I'm also moving into my roommate's soon-to-be-vacated bedroom (in pursuit of more privacy and a bigger closet), so I'm basically going through the entire moving process without really going anywhere new. And moving is one of my least favorite things on the planet.

Guys, buying furniture and redecorating an entire apartment is really stressful. Have you ever tried to buy furniture on Craigslist? And then try to make sure the pieces you're finding match each other so you don't end up in a weird hodgepodge mess of an apartment? While simultaneously trying not to spend too much money but still getting decent stuff? While you're actively looking for and pursuing jobs all over the country so you have no idea if you're just going to end up throwing all of it into a moving truck in the next month or so?

I also moved into a new cubicle at work yesterday. That wouldn't really be a big deal at all if I wasn't moving at home, too, but now none of my normal places are normal anymore and it's really overwhelming. I'll be going to work at the same building but a different place, and returning to the same apartment in a drastically different state.

Oh, and I'm dog-sitting this weekend. It's been great to spend time with my furry roommate before he and his mommy move across the country, but he's significantly less cute when he wants to go outside at 5:45 a.m. when it's raining.

Really? Really?

(He's still completely adorable when it's sunny and he's snuggled up on the couch next to you, though.)

Hmm. I didn't intend for this post to be several hundred words of me freaking out. I do feel better now, though, so maybe some word vomit was necessary. I really just hate not knowing what's going to happen, y'know? I'm excited about the furniture and decor I've found for my apartment, and did somehow manage not to spend a ton of money. I'll have my parents to help me move all my stuff so it won't be a completely tedious and miserable time. And my new cubicle at work is super close to my first cubicle (yes, this means I'm on cube #3) and a whole lot of people I already know, which is kind of weird but should hopefully make me feel right at home really quick. And as for the other job-search stuff... well, let's just focus on getting through this week. No puking, passing out, having a heart attack or developing a stress ulcer. (I can't promise I won't cry a little bit, though, because I'm a sentimental bleeding heart and EVERYTHING'S GOING TO BE DIFFERENT. )

So hey, send some good moving vibes my way. And good work vibes. And maybe some good life-in-general vibes? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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