Miracle Monday: What Your Favorite Player Says About You

Aaaaand we're back! Sorry for the downer on Friday, but here's something significantly more fun. :)

When I was in Lake Placid for the 35th anniversary reunion, I took a tour of the Olympic Center. And when I told the tour guide which player's jersey I was wearing under my coat, he immediately nailed my personality. It was completely flawless and completely cracked me up; I hadn't realized that my favorite player said so much about me as a person! So that randomly got me thinking... if I had been wearing a different jersey, what would've been assumed about me? If I know who your favorite player is, what can be inferred about you?

(Disclaimer: I'm not a psychologist, so there's a great chance that this'll be way off. I just like me some critical thinking and analysis! So do take everything with a grain of salt and some good humor!)


Bill Baker: You're a genuinely good-hearted human being, and you may or may not have a bit of a perfectionist streak. While you want to win, you know the most important thing is just giving 100% at whatever you do.

Neal Broten: You're super humble and down-to-earth, and your giant heart is rivaled only by your giant passion for hockey. You do things because you love them, plain and simple. There's also a 99% chance you're from Minnesota. ;)

Dave Christian: There's nothing you love more than a good laugh, and you're generally just a wonderful presence to be around. You're a hugger, aren't you? And probably a huge hockey nerd, right?

Steve Christoff: You want to be the best. You'll work harder, you'll study smarter, whatever it takes to put you a step ahead of everyone else. (Don't let anyone tell you you're not a sweetheart, though. Because you totally are.)

Jim Craig: You won't settle when you know you deserve better. You want to win, and surround yourself with people and things that are near and dear to your heart and that meet your high standards. You're also totally unafraid to do your own thing. (Either that or you've watched Miracle and think Eddie Cahill is cute. No judgment here. I feel you.)

Mike Eruzione: You have a magnetic personality and often find yourself in leadership roles; even if you're not "the best" at what you do, people love you and trust you to get the job done. And you never let conventional wisdom (or anything else) hold you back! (Or you might just be a casual fan drawn in by Miracle. That's cool. Welcome, have a look around!)

John Harrington: You, my friend, are a riot. Maybe a little weird, but all the best people are! :) You appreciate the value of some good hard work, but you're just as willing to kick back and goof off. There's also a good chance you have a soft spot for the underdog.

Steve Janaszak: There's a good chance you're the mom friend. You love everyone and don't want anyone to be forgotten or left behind, but you know that being there for people doesn't mean you're a doormat. Truly, you're the kind of person everyone needs in their life!

Mark Johnson: You're a University of Wisconsin Badger, aren't you? ;) You root for the unsung hero, but not because they're unsung; because they're a hero. You don't make a whole lot of noise because you simply don't need the attention. You're just super confident in yourself, and that's pretty awesome.

Rob McClanahan: You're pretty intense and probably intimidate me a little bit. You're incredibly meticulous and thorough, and never give an inch. Ever. It's really impressive. (Or maybe you've just seen Miracle and think Nathan West is cute. That's a very valid opinion.)

Ken Morrow: If you're not a New York Islanders fan, I'll eat a hockey stick. #realtalk. But beyond that, you're practical and down-to-earth; you don't care about flashiness or getting attention as long as the results are there.

Jack O'Callahan: You have a HUGE personality. You draw people to you like a magnet and it's near impossible to ignore you. Either that or you've watched Miracle and think Michael Mantenuto is cute... but if this isn't you, you're probably willing to fight people about it.

Mark Pavelich: You've got an independent streak a mile wide and, instead of following the crowd, you're always doing your own thing. There's also a good chance you're either wickedly creative, introverted as all hell, or a New York Rangers fan. Potentially all of the above.

Mike Ramsey: You ain't afraid of some aggression and you go full-bore for what you want. But at the same time, you're optimistic and have that childlike enthusiasm thing going on... and maybe an affinity for the Buffalo Sabres.

Buzz Schneider: You're a beautiful human being with such a loving heart. Everything you've gotten in life, you've earned through hard work and a great attitude. Kindness is super important to you, and you know that success doesn't mean as much if you didn't come by it honestly.

Dave Silk: You take no crap and have an incredibly strong sense of self. Actually, your incredibly strong sense of self is probably why you take no crap. You know what you want and you're going to go for it, naysayers and hardships be damned. You can handle anything. Basically, congrats on being a total badass.

Eric Strobel: Two words: underdog complex. You look for those diamonds in the rough and cherish them when nobody else will. You're either the beautiful cinnamon roll too good for this world, or the person that will aggressively protect said beautiful cinnamon rolls. Either way, you're a gem.

Bob Suter: You're probably from Wisconsin, right? ;) You know that value and success aren't always measured in tangible results, and you would do anything for the people you love. But at the same time, you're crazy ambitious and are laser-focused on your goals.

Phil Verchota: My friend, you are brilliant. You have a very discerning sense of humor (probably sarcastic as all hell, yes?) and you blaze your own path; you're not one to follow the crowd or like something just because it's conventional!

Mark Wells: You take zero BS from anyone and you always speak your mind, for better or worse. You're also strong as hell, and there's a good chance you've overcome some serious stuff in your life, but you have a huge heart to go with it!

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