Closing Ceremony

I feel like a total sap writing posts about things in my life ending, but I do it fairly frequently. (Hi, study abroad. And college. And my USA Volleyball internship.) And here I am, doing it again. It just feels wrong to close a chapter in my life without reflecting on it a little bit. And maybe putting it down in words helps with the closure aspect of things.

I'm not even totally sure what to say this time. I mean, all of my past endings were very definitive endings. Study abroad? Leaving my school and the country. College? Leaving my school and the city (and the state). USA Volleyball? Leaving my internship and the city (and the state. And the time zone). Each time, an ending meant packing up my life and moving over a thousand miles away. But this time, my job is over, but I'm not going anywhere. At least not yet. So it's this weird sort of gray area holding pattern. I'm still going to be in Colorado Springs, with all the same places and the same people, but on Monday morning, I won't be getting up and going to work. And it's going to be bizarre.

United States Olympic Committee
I'm going to miss my sweet red accent wall.

My job at the United States Olympic Committee has finally fulfilled the "temporary" part of its title and come to an end. Doomsday has arrived. It's kind of interesting; I've dreamed of working for the USOC for basically my entire life, but in none of those imaginary scenarios was my job temporary. So now I'm in entirely new territory, having achieved this huge goal of mine yet not being done working to get there. It's REALLY WEIRD and I'm not entirely sure what to do with it.

But again, I can't help but feel really lucky to have had an experience so great that I'm so sad to see it end. It has been the realest five months, from the first minute of my first day (that started at 7 a.m.), when I was creating athlete bios for the Sochi Olympic team before I even had a computer at my desk. It's been lots of learning, lots of fun, and lots of awesome people. And lots of days that started hours before the sun came up. (If I can wake up at 2:50 in the morning on a regular basis, I can do anything!) I worked with such a great team, including the other temps and interns that cycled through while I was there, and going to work was always so enjoyable because of the folks I was surrounded by.

And I really want a job now just so I can have a cubicle to display my going away gift in!

Parting gift from the United States Olympic Committee

Is that not epic? I'm obsessed with it. Between this and the gold volleyball I was given when I left USAV, my future cube decorations are going to be the snazziest! :)

But for the time being, I'm jobless. Again. The other day I was having a pretty intense quarter-life crisis, but right now I'm feeling pretty good and optimistic. (It's a rough cycle, guys.) I feel like good things are brewing, and it's only a matter of time until I'm embarking on the next great adventure. (And I feel the need to document this optimistic moment because it probably won't be more than a day until I'm eating my feelings and wondering what the point of my life is. I'm not kidding about it being a rough cycle.)

Right now, though, there are jobs to apply for, it's the Fourth of July and I have a whole lot of Team USA gear to rock. :)

Team USA gear on the Fourth of July

Happy Fourth, friends!
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