The More Things Change, The More They Stay the Same

Hello friends!

If that photo didn't give you a hint, I'm back in Colorado and officially a resident of Colorado Springs again. And I'm thrilled! But it's also really, really weird.

It reminds me of the beginning of my sophomore year of college. I was SO EXCITED to get back to school, and see my friends, and go back to all my favorite places, and it was going to be just like freshman year and be THE ABSOLUTE BEST. But then I got there, and I was living in a different building, and going to different classes, and it was just different even though I was in the same place with the same people. I was basically homesick for the way things were. I got over it, of course, but it was a jarring few days of adjusting.

It's exactly like that now. I'm back in the same city with (most of) the same people, but everything else is wildly different. I'm living in northern Colorado Springs and will be working in central Colorado Springs, as opposed to the opposite. I have a shared apartment instead of a room in a dorm, and my friends are 10 miles away in that dorm, if not scattered around the city. I have to cook for myself and clean the bathroom that I don't have to share with an entire floor's worth of people. I'll be driving past the USA Volleyball office every day on my way to my new job. I brought my dad to see the OTC yesterday, only to discover that I couldn't get into any of the facilities! All buildings now require badge access (hello, new development) and there was a new security guy at the front and, what the heck, I so do not live there anymore.

It's weird and kind of emotional and weird. Did I mention that it's weird?

But it's going to be awesome. Seriously. My roommate is fantastic, and on Thursday she leaves for Sochi and will be gone for almost all of February, so I'll have the apartment to myself! Speaking of the apartment, I'm pretty stoked to no longer need shower shoes. And have an absurdly large closet. And all sorts of other apartment-y things. It's kind of hard furnishing a room when you have no idea how long you'll be living there, but I'm pretty happy with it! It just needs some stuff hanging on the walls and it'll be home.

I'll return soon with pictures and stories from the road trips and move-in day, but for now, I'm feeling feel-y, so that's what you get. :) Can't wait to settle into my new normal!

Hope your last five days have involved less driving, heavy lifting and general stress than mine have! (Unless you're into that sort of thing. Hey, no judgment here.)

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