Things I Did This Week Instead of Blogging

Hey there, blog world. This has been A Week. I feel like I've lived a lifetime in the last seven days. I meant to sit down and blog at some point, I really did... but it didn't happen. (And I missed an installment of 7th Inning Stretch, so shame on me!) But I achieved the goal I set for myself last weekend: I didn't puke, pass out, have a heart attack, or develop a stress ulcer. And I didn't even really cry, either! [praise hands emoji]

So in the spirit of making excuses, being kind of vague and attempting to get back into the swing of bloggy things, here's what I was doing this week while I wasn't blogging.

1. Setting up my TV and cable box (all by myself!) in my otherwise completely empty living room, just so I could watch the U.S. women's soccer team's World Cup game against Nigeria. I managed to get everything all set and the TV turned on at 5:59 before a 6:00 game, and somehow the cable box was on the correct channel. So my TV came to life as the USWNT was marching out onto the field. Unbelievable. (And then, of course, I watched the game instead of blogging. #IBelieve)

Livin' large.

2. Preparing for my parents' arrival, aka blowing up an air mattress. Since my new roommate hasn't moved in yet, there's an empty bedroom in my apartment, so my parents are staying with me instead of at a hotel. And lemme tell ya, I wasn't expecting this air mattress to be so huge. But I was incorrect.


3. Stressing about and preparing for job interviews. Like, plural. I had two job interviews this week. Bruh. In previous incarnations of my job search, I was lucky to have two job interviews in a month. So this was great stress to have, but it was extremely stressful.

4. Picking up my furniture. My parents, god bless them, picked up my couch for me while I was at work, but later that same day we headed to Fountain to get my dining table and chairs. Both men that I purchased from were incredibly friendly and I'm totally heart eyes over my new furniture. Moving it all still sucked, and of course it rained a little bit as we had the table in the back of the pick-up truck, but it went well. Surprisingly well, actually. My apartment went from so empty it echoed to fully furnished in less than 24 hours. #boom

Not the final product decor-wise, but look! I have a couch!

5. Watching baseball. On Thursday, the Mets played the Blue Jays, and the pitching matchup was Bartolo Colon vs. R.A. Dickey. So my parents and I went to dinner at a sports bar literally just to watch this game. And I learned that, when push comes to shove, my love for R.A. Dickey trumps my love of the Mets. My boo only gave up one run on three hits in 7.1 innings. I'm very proud of him. :)

6. Moving into my apartment's "master" bedroom. Again, my parents (bless them) did most of the heavy lifting while I was at work, so my main task was transferring my wall decor and bathroom stuff. It was super strange; the decor is what really makes a room feel like home, so it was incredibly bittersweet to officially move out of the bedroom I've lived in for a year and a half. But my new room feels home-like already, and I'm extremely pleased with how everything turned out! Also? Walk-in closet!

7. Hanging up decor in my living room. I'll do a more detailed post about my "moving" stuff next week (because obviously everyone is just chomping at the bit to know every boring detail of my life), BUT suffice it to say there are now many more holes in the wall than you'd probably expect. I'm obsessed with the final product, but it was like assembling a jigsaw puzzle on the wall.

8. Spending time with my parents. They literally flew to Colorado from New York to lift heavy things for me. The least I could do is hang out with them, right?

9. Going whitewater rafting, trying not to drown in the Arkansas River, and spending several hours in urgent care.

But that, kids, is a story for a post all its own!

So, I hope to be back in a real-ish sort of way this week. But, y'know, life happens. In the meantime, though, I think I've survived the worst of it. For now, at least. ;)

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  1. White water rafting sure sounds like fun. And I hope you're having fun with your parents x

    The Life of Little Me

  2. Yikes, urgent care? Hope you're alright!