Olympic Things To Look Forward To In 2015

Well, guys, we're no longer in an Olympic year. I don't know about you, but I always get a little pouty when there are no Olympics to be seen in a 12-month radius; Sochi was almost a year ago, Rio is more than a year away... it kind of sucks. However, way back in 2013 I wrote a list of Olympic things to look forward to in that non-Olympic year. And there is, in fact, a whole lot of exciting Olympic things to look forward to this year -- so let's get to it!

1. American bid city for the 2024 Olympic Games will be chosen: TOMORROW?! (Or today, if you're reading this on Thursday!) Holy crap. America hasn't bid for a Games since the Chicago 2016 bid failed, and that process was wrapped up in 2009. So it's been five-plus long years since the U.S. has even had a prayer of hosting the Olympics, and we haven't hosted (winter OR summer) since 2002. I was in fifth grade. I'm now a year and a half removed from college. It's time. And I AM SO READY. Boston? DC? Los Angeles? San Francisco? Can't wait to have a city to support!

2. Gender-neutral four-man bobsledding: winter 2015. If you haven't heard about this, you're missing out. Just a few months ago it was decided that four-man bobsled would be a gender-neutral event, meaning women would be allowed to participate. So a few pioneering badasses named Elana Meyers-Taylor and Kailie Humphries are out there piloting four-man sleds on the world cup circuit for the U.S. and Canada, respectively. I don't know about you, but I LOVE when girls do big things. And this is a big thing. Pay attention to it.

3. 35th anniversary of the Miracle on Ice: February 22, 2015. Ah, 35 is a much less random number than the 33 I celebrated in my 2013 list. :) But seriously, this year, there are all sorts of AWESOME things happening. There's going to be a team reunion in Lake Placid on February 21st (my birthday!), and a fantasy camp coached by a bunch of players at the end of March. I can't afford the fantasy camp (I mean, they should really just hire me to be the event's official blogger), but my goal is to get there for one of these two events. Operation Get Darci To Lake Placid 2k15 is in full effect.

These 10-year-old pictures are WAY overdue to be updated!

4. Jen Kessy's return to beach volleyball: spring 2015. Ah, the intrigue! At London 2012, Misty May-Treanor and Kerri Walsh Jennings beat fellow Americans April Ross and Jen Kessy for beach volleyball gold. After the Games, Misty and Jen both retired, and Kerri and April became a team. But just recently, Jen has decided to come out of retirement and go for Rio with a new partner. Jen and April on opposite sides of the court from each other?! Woof. Whether Jen's un-retirement is successful or not, this is going to be fascinating!

5. Rio 2016 qualification processes begin: summer 2015. If you have a favorite sport to watch during the Olympics, start paying attention, because this is the year when competition really ramps up. Depending on the sport, win-loss records and world rankings start to count a year out from the Olympics. (So this is my cue to start watching beach volleyball world tour results like a hawk.)

6. Three year anniversary of London 2012: July 27, 2015. As has become my tradition, I will spend this day watching the opening ceremony and probably getting more emotional than is socially appropriate. How has it been so long?! :(

7. 2022 Olympic Winter Games host city announcement: July 31, 2015. The strugglebus that is the competition to host the 2022 Games will huff and puff to its conclusion this year, as the IOC will decide between Beijing and Almaty. It's been a long and bumpy road to this point, and I for one am ready to just have a host city so people can stop complaining about how few cities are in the race. (I'm also kind of jazzed about the idea of winter sports taking place in Beijing's old summer Olympic venues!)

8. One year out from Rio 2016: August 5, 2015. Pretty self-explanatory, am I right? :) #RoadtoRio

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  1. They all sound exciting, especially your return to Lake Placid!