Spring in the Springs

I accomplished something major this weekend, guys. I walked around downtown Colorado Springs.

Now, I realize this sounds super dumb. But I've lived here for almost two years and hadn't done the "wander around aimlessly" thing that I love to do in cities. Granted, downtown Colorado Springs isn't really what I'd consider a city, but I pass some cool-looking buildings on my drive to and from work. And I'm a sucker for a good photo op. And I figure that, a) Colorado Springs is so small that I should know every square inch of it, and b) I should stop complaining about living in a small city until I actually give myself a chance to get to know it. (It was also a really good excuse to stop into Coffee and Tea Zone and have my first bubble tea in almost two years. It was glorious and far overdue.)

Though I'm downtown every weekday and deal with rush hour, downtown during the weekend is a bit ghost town-ish. I had the parking garage more or less to myself, and I only saw a handful of people while I was walking around. It made for some cool, eerily-deserted pictures!

I actually didn't really walk that far; I just went out the opposite site of the parking garage and walked a sort of loop in the opposite direction of where I normally go. But look at all the different architectural styles! I never really noticed what an eclectic mix this city has going on, from that statuesque style I love to the gross Brutalist style I love to hate. (Seriously, I once wrote a paper about Brutalism because it's so ugly and I hate it so much. #logic) There's definitely more to explore, so I want to make downtown excursions a regular thing. I really do love the aimless wandering, and I already feel more affectionate towards the city, even just after a quick walk. So that's a huge win!

How do you feel more at home in an adopted city?

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  1. Isn't it great to just wander some days? Great photos! I've lived in London most of my life yet I still love to wander around and take it all in. There are so many streets I have never been to and some many surprises just waiting to be found!

  2. Great photos! Wow I wish I lived in a place that empty during the weekend :) And also I didn't really know what you meant by Brutalism and I googled it and oh my gosh that's basically most of the new architecture in the UK - like post war ugliness - I hate it so much too!