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You know what's super cool? Being nominated for a blog award! :) The wonderful M at The Life of Little Me nominated me for the One Lovely Blog award -- thank you so much, lovely! Everyone go check out her blog!

For this tag, I have to:
+ Thank the person who nominated me.
+ Add the logo to the post.
+ Share 7 facts about myself.
+ And nominate 15 bloggers I admire, commenting on their blog to let them know of their nomination.

So let's get to it, shall we?

1. My favorite band (Bon Jovi) was big in the '80s, and of my two favorite movies, one was made in the '80s (The Breakfast Club) and the other is about something that happened in the '80s (Miracle). I may have a little bit of a thing for that time period. Maybe.

2. I have an obsessive personality. (Really? REALLY? I know.) But I've literally always been like this, since I used to watch the Wizard of Oz multiple times a day as a small child. When I love something, I don't do it halfway. So please, don't be concerned at my overzealous interest in things. I promise I'm fully mentally stable. This is just how I am. I didn't choose the fangirl life, the fangirl life chose me.

3. People think I'm brave, but really I think I'm just missing whatever impulse people have that prevents them from doing what they want to do. I'll go to sleepaway camp alone because I just want to go to sleepaway camp. I'll go on a TV show because it looks super fun. I'll study abroad without knowing anyone because I want to live in London and travel around Europe. I'll move across the country for a job because I dreamed about said job for my entire life. If I want to do something, I sort of don't even consider not doing it; I see all the terrifying parts as just stuff that I need to deal with to make it happen. Is that brave, or just ridiculously single-minded?

4. I have a HUGE underdog complex. None of the teams I root for are perennial winners, or at least haven't been for the vast majority of my life; the New York Mets, Colorado Avalanche, Florida Panthers, Miami Hurricanes... just one "womp" after another. I really am not sure how I'd handle it if any of them started winning regularly. But not only that! I will subconsciously look for the most under-appreciated athletes and throw my heart and soul into being their fan. And this goes for characters in books and movies, too. Pick a background character and he or she is probably my favorite. I don't know why I make myself struggle so much... but they say you only truly appreciate what you have to struggle to earn, right?

5. My AP art teacher in high school once gave me feedback on my journal that she could see me one day writing and illustrating a book. (And I think she sometimes reads my blog, so if you're seeing this, hi Ms. L-K!!) It really stuck with me because, while I don't know if I'll ever actually do the book thing, I like to write with visuals and I like to create visuals with words. (Emojis are the best thing to ever happen to texting, let me tell you.) That's part of the reason why I love blogging so much! I can write and supplement it with pictures and graphics and whatever "art" my heart desires. :)

6. I believe in sleep. I could pretty much always take a nap. If you came up to me at any random time of day and said, "Hey Darci, go take an hour to sleep," I'd be like "OKAY!" and happily go to bed. I don't know how people function on fewer than six hours of sleep per night. I could easily get 10 hours and be the happiest person.

7. I'M TOO WORDY. Gosh, seven facts turned into seven million words. Someone teach me how to stop writing so much. 

And now I'm supposed to nominate 15 bloggers? Um, that's a lot. I'm not cool enough to have that many friends. Instead I'm going to nominate some rockstars who have nominated me for things/shown me love in the past -- Caity at Where the Heart Is, Christina at Route Bliss, and Lauren at lauren elyse CAN. And anyone else who wants to join in, feel free to do so and say I sent ya! :)

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