Miracle Monday: The Best Things We Learned From The Fantasy Camp Webisodes

This Monday is a little bit bittersweet. Why? Because the Miracle on Ice Fantasy Camp is happening as we speak, and I'm not there. If I could've gotten there through sheer will, I would've. But alas, I'm a recent college grad with the small salary and large student loans to show for it. Hopefully I'll be able to afford a spot at a future incarnation of the camp -- within a decade would be nice -- but until then, I'll just be here. Pretending I'm not jealous of everyone that's there. Sigh.

ANYWAY, the good folks over at the fantasy camp sure know how to throw a broke fan a bone; since Thanksgiving, they've been producing weekly webisodes with some of the players. Do you know how exciting it was to go from reading decades-old articles to getting brand new videos every single week? Seriously, I don't think you understand just how wonderful this was. But with the camp finally upon us, the webisodes are at an end (unless they decide to film stuff at camp, which I TOTALLY wouldn't be opposed to). So as a farewell, here are some of the best things these webisodes taught us.

1. The Boston/Minnesota rivalry is still alive and well... but it appears that it's become a one-sided affair. I mean, Minnesotans are literally known for being nice so I'm not sure why there's any mistrust there, but Dave Silk and Mike Eruzione throw some shade. It's fantastic.

2. At the beginning of the gold medal game, Mike Ramsey "had no legs" because he was so nervous and felt so much pressure. So maybe this helps explain why that first period was so lame? :) (That doesn't explain why all the other first periods were so lame, though…)

3. Rob McClanahan used to call Neal Broten "Mouse" because "he squeaked like a mouse." I'd read various stories that said things about how Neal's voice was high-pitched ("his voice had barely made it to puberty" being one of the more memorable descriptions), but oh my gosh, this is my favorite thing in the world. I'm never going to stop laughing about it. (This whole webisode gets an honorable mention, though. Other nicknames include Big Baby and Koho and Grumpy and Beef Wellington, and I just laugh my way through the whole thing.)

4. Buzz Schneider likes baseball. He really, really likes baseball.

And then when he did a Twitter takeover I asked him about it, and the conversation we had is probably the best thing that's ever happened to me.

This happened in November and I'm still not over it.

5. There's A Story from the Olympics involving John Harrington sneaking his future wife into his room in the Olympic village. While the events of that story were not spoken about on camera, I have since discovered what happened, and it's a thousand times funnier than I thought it would be.

6. I already knew that Buzz Schneider's son played his character in Miracle, but I did NOT know that John Harrington (a former college hockey coach) had recruited Nate Miller to play for him. Nate ended up at another school, but they kept in touch. So Bah got a call from this kid, like, "Hey coach, I got cast as you!" LOL, amazing.

7. Mark Pavelich would carry around his guitar and sing Bob Dylan songs for his teammates. The guy is literally known for being silent and not wanting to speak or be the center of attention, yet he was the resident troubadour of the group. It blows my mind a little bit. I'm obsessed. Thank you, Dave Christian, for putting this information out into the universe. [praise hands emoji]

8. Everything they said about Bob Suter.

9. This. This is extremely important.

Hey, it's been quite a good run, in my totally unbiased opinion. And dates for next year's camp have been announced already, so I've already started looking forward to the fun stuff we could potentially be getting. ;)

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