10 Tips for Living in Miami

Funnily enough, I'm posting this on the first day it's rained/been even a little bit humid since I've been in Colorado. It was much more the London variety (gray, damp and chilly) than Miami, but still. It's like someone knew my hair hadn't been a poofball in several weeks. Which brings me to number one...

1. Girls, don't even bother doing your hair. Humidity.

2. See this?

It's a tiny umbrella. Buy one. Carry it with you everywhere.

3. ...Because it rains whenever the hell it wants. Weather app says there's a 10% chance of rain? It's going to rain.

4. Wear Uggs (or any other winter clothes, really) and prepare to be judged. (Fun fact: it's never cold enough for Uggs. Put them away.)

5. Use public transportation only if you have a couple of extra hours to spare.

6. ...But really, the metro is no sketchier than any other public transit system in any other city. Just don't be an idiot and you're perfectly safe.

7. Wear Gators or Seminoles clothing and expect the dirtiest looks you've ever seen. Depending on the person, you might even get a snide remark or bald-faced insult. Basically, just don't do it.

Grab the pitchforks!
8. Bring a sweater with you everywhere. It may be a billion degrees outside, but the air conditioning inside is set to negative a billion degrees. Your sweat may form icicles.

9. You WILL sweat like a pig. Even if you're just standing outside. And 70 degrees is a perfectly acceptable temperature to break out the long pants and sweatshirts, because it's your only chance to wear them.

10. Watch out for the lizards.

(Yes, I recognize that most of my tips are about weather and transportation. But they're two things that are in every city! And, let's be real... they're both super important. Or they are to a person that has to struggle with both!)

Because the weather is so British today, I've decided that London is up next. :) Happy Wednesday!


  1. 1. Can you bother with your hair in Colorado?
    2.That umbrella was born in Clovis, CA :)
    10. One of Miami's lizards escaped to Queens, NY yesterday!
    I love your tips!

  2. Don't forget...
    1) Speaking Spanglish
    2) Realizing that if something starts at 7, it'll actually begin no earlier than 8
    3) Just because you live in Miami doesn't mean you visit the beach all the time