Miracle Monday: 7 Players Cast Perfectly in Miracle

Happy Monday! Before we get started, is that picture not the cutest thing you've ever seen? Look at those happy faces. :)

Anywho, I was recently digging through my computer and came across something I'd made almost two years ago, when my Miracle fandom was still fresh and new: side-by-side comparisons of the real team and the guys cast to play them in Miracle. And, I gotta tell you, some of them blew my mind a little bit. I hadn't been aware that the casting directors, y'know, used a cloning machine. So in light of my re-discovering my discovery, I thought I'd post some of my favorites. Because, really, it's amazing.

I'll give Patrick O'Brien Demsey and Mike Eruzione an honorable mention. ;)

Nathan West / Rob McClanahan

I'm convinced that these two are secretly related, because they really look like twins. But they have matching personalities too; when Nathan was cast, he sent Mac an extensive questionnaire to learn every minute detail about him, and threatened to move in with him if he didn't fill it out. If that's not the most Mac thing I've ever heard, I don't know what is!

Michael Mantenuto / Jack O'Callahan

Again, do these two share genes or something? They've got the same crooked smile, and they were both the first guy to drop his gloves; OC led the Olympic team in penalty minutes, and Michael got into a fight with another player during auditions. Talk about accurate.

Eddie Cahill / Jim Craig

Gavin O'Connor, the director of Miracle, has actually commented on how uncanny the resemblance is between Eddie and Jim, and had Eddie pegged for Jim immediately because of it. (Eddie had never played goalie before, but that was neither here nor there.) And do you want to hear something cute? These two still keep in touch and tweet at each other occasionally. :)

Kris Wilson / Phil Verchota

Extra bonus points to the casting directors for finding Phil's doppelganger despite his relatively small part in the movie. Kris has both Phil's scary intense face and joyful smile (and we know how important Phil's smile is). And while Phil wasn't the goon he was believed to be, he certainly wasn't afraid to get into it… and Kris is the all-time leader in penalty minutes at the University of Wisconsin-Superior. Too excellent.

Nick Postle / Bill Baker

I can't find any information about Nick as a person. But between that smile and that beautiful blonde flow, I'm totally here for him as Bill.

Sam Skoryna / Steve Janaszak

Again, I couldn't tell you a single thing about Sam. Except that he's a complete dead ringer for Janny. (Excellent stache, my friend.)

Billy Schneider / Buzz Schneider

I don't even think Billy and Buzz look all that much alike. But casting a player's son to play him? You can't really get more accurate than that!

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  1. Hi there Nick Postle was drafted in the WHL by Lethbridge Hurricanes in Canada and played semi pro hockey for years. He was a left defence just like Bill Baker and now owns his own construction company in British Columbia.