A Mile High

What's got two thumbs and is NOT an unemployed graduate living at home with her parents?


(I would apologize for the fresh-out-of-the-shower hair, pajamas, and bags under my eyes, but listen, the real world ain't no picnic.)

I feel like the world's biggest slacker for not mentioning it here, but I'm spending the summer as a communications intern for USA Volleyball out here in Colorado Springs. I also happen to be living at the Olympic Training Center. *brushes shoulders off*

I've been in Colorado for about a week, living at the OTC since Tuesday, and it's been awesome so far. Everyone is really nice, my address is 1 Olympic Plaza, work is good, I have friends, and I may or may not be sharing a dining hall with the likes of Missy Franklin, Allison Schmitt and John Orozco.

But all of this also means getting up at 6:30 every day, full days in a cubicle (that's all mine!!!), and rush hour commutes. So by the time I get home at 5:45 pm, all I want to do is eat and go to sleep. Which, basically, is what happens (because I'm on a floor with all interns, and we're all in the same boat. We all crash uber early.) Blogging is not so much on the agenda.

Right now it's midnight (and the latest I've stayed up in a whole week!) and I'm exhausted (see Exhibit A: those bags under my eyes). But I wanted to get something out to the universe ASAP so, while I may not be functional enough for words, here's my week in photos!

There are lots of mountains here.

Lots and lots of pretty mountains.

If you can't tell, that's the USOC's logo welcoming you to Colorado Springs!

Cheesin'. 'Cause that's just what I do.

I live here. I mean, okay.


Wow, hey, someone should use that as the name of their blog...............


Work. :)

Everybody, this is Buzz. He's 18, doesn't like to accelerate or go faster than 60 mph, and was missing his rearview mirror until Thursday. He's named after Buzz Schneider from the 1980 hockey team (because, well, duh?) -- he was the old man on the team and never made it to the NHL, but was almost voted captain because everyone loved him and was one of the best players on the team. I love him (the player AND the car). :)

The residence halls are named after different Olympics! I live in Cortina, of winter 1956. :)

Coolest ever.

Clearly I'm a little excited about it.

My room -- note how I need a ladder to get onto my bed.

This was hanging on my door when I arrived. No idea whose it is. Do they know they left their hat in the hands of a Cane? Can I burn it?

A smidge better than Charty's.

Outside the Athlete Center.

This is hanging in the stairwell on my floor!

The "forest of volleyballs" behind my cubicle. :)

Oh, y'know, just walking around complex with a friend after dinner. Casual Thursday night.

Finally got to see headquarters!

And there you have my first week in Colorado Springs. Hooray for photo dumps! :)

I'll be on a regular blogging schedule soon, I promise. I'm a new member of the Her Campus Blogger Network (see the snazzy button thingy in the sidebar ->) and I'm required to blog at least once a week. And once I settle into something of a schedule here, things will get figured out.

Can't wait for week two!

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