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Guys, I really miss traveling. I miss living in London and having scholarship money so I could travel easily and without worrying about going broke. And I really miss being able to come up with Travel Tuesday topics at the drop of a hat! I really need to get better at exploring Colorado, and not look at travel as just something involving different countries and long plane rides. Do any fellow trapped travelers have any tips?

Anyway, a few weeks ago I stumbled across a post featuring the wanderlust tag, and I was inspired. I do love rehashing some of my past trips! Nobody tagged me to do it, but hey, I won't tell if you won't. ;)

Where was your first plane to? 
I actually have no idea. Florida, maybe? I have grandparents down there and I know we visited them when I was really young. So Florida's my best guess.

Where have you traveled to that you would love to travel again?
LONDON. Was that answer obvious enough? ;) London shouldn't even count, honestly, since it's in a category all it's own. So if we exclude London from this category, my answer is Germany. I absolutely fell in love with both Munich and Berlin, and am dying to go back, revisit those cities and see some more of the country.

You're leaving tomorrow. Money is no object. Where do you go?
LONDON. Hm, I'm getting this strange sense of deja vu... hah. Again, if we exclude London, this question gets much trickier. I've been dying to go to Greece since the Athens 2004 Olympic Games, so that has to be near the top of the list. But I also have a little bit of an obsession with crumbling, abandoned Olympic venues, and for that reason I'd love to go to Sarajevo, the site of the 1984 Olympic Winter Games. The venues were all either ravaged by war or simply left to deteriorate, and I'm itching to go before anything is either removed or restored.

Preferred method of travel: planes, trains or cars?
I like planes for the sole reason that they can take you the farthest in the shortest time. I mean, I certainly wouldn't want to take a train from Colorado to New York. However, I really do love traveling by train. There's something really special about taking the Eurail from city to city around Europe, and settling into a compartment with couchettes (aka makeshift beds) for an overnight ride and waking up in an entirely different country is incredibly cool. Depending on the location, you also get some incredible views of the countries you're traveling through! Trains are also my favorite form of public transportation, having grown up with the Long Island Railroad and the New York City subway system. So yeah, give me a train any day!

Remember that time I registered for classes for my senior year of college on a train through Switzerland?

Favorite travel website?
I don't really use a ton of travel websites, though ones that have treated me well are STA Travel, Expedia and HostelBookers.

Where would you travel just to eat the food?
Surprisingly enough, I fell head over heels for German food while I was there. Pretzels, currywurst, spaetzle, potato salad... oh man, holy delicious. But I also need to mention Italy in this category, because pasta. And pizza. And gelato. And tiramisu. And basically everything else you could ever want to eat in that country.

Oh, Germany. I love ya.

Is there a place you would never go again?
I'm pretty lucky in that I've never been horrifically disappointed by a destination. Well, I was kind of disappointed by Paris, but a good chunk of that was due to travel issues that weren't really Paris's fault. So while Paris isn't first on my list of cities to revisit, if someone offered me a trip there, I wouldn't say no.

Can you recite your passport number from memory if asked?
HAH, absolutely not.

Do you prefer window, aisle or middle seat?
Window, all day every day. I like being able to rest against something while I (attempt to) sleep. And one of the perks of being short and having little legs is not needing the extra leg room of the aisle; I can curl up in my seat and be A-OK. ;)

How do you pass the time on the airplane?
My iPod, always. I'll usually attempt to sleep, or sometimes I'll bring a book and do some reading, and I've even been known to break out my computer and get some writing/blogging done (or watch a movie or a few episodes of Castle). But yeah, generally just some music and maybe a nap.

Now, I'm pretty sure when you do a tag you're supposed to tag people to do it after you... but I don't know how this one works, and even if I did, I've already broken the rules. So if you feel like doing it, go for it and say I sent ya! :)

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  1. Get your butt traveling around CO, missy! I hear that a trip to Lake Placid is in your near future?

  2. Ever since I got back from Europe everything feels so minuscule in travel, but really it's not! Colorado is an awesome place and I've visited there and had so much fun! You should get out and travel around there. My travel destinations as of now are just around So-cal, but there's so many awesome places to still discover here just like Colorado :)

  3. I saw this tag & I loved it, so I'm just starting to answer them. I hope you're enjoying colorado!

    Mafer, Euphoric Wanderlust