Woman Crush(ing It) Wednesday: Gwen Jorgensen

Guys. Guys. This one's a good one. In track and field, you know how Usain Bolt never loses? How he always manages to pull out an amazing performance and blow the rest of the field away? Okay, well, Gwen Jorgensen is the Usain Bolt of triathlon. She just. doesn't. lose.

+ Gwen is still a relative newcomer to triathlon. In college, she swam and ran for the University of Wisconsin. She earned a master's degree in accounting, passed the CPA exam and got a job at Ernst & Young as a tax accountant. It wasn't until 2010 that USA Triathlon approached her (as they were recruiting former collegiate swimmers and runners) and invited her to try the sport.

+ Also in 2010, Gwen was named USA Triathlon's rookie of the year. So, wasting no time! That season she had seven finishes in the top 10 (and only one outside it, a 13th place), and put together another killer season in 2011 to earn her place on the London 2012 Olympic team. (Um, after two seasons competing in triathlon, she was an Olympian... I wonder what it's like to be that good at something!) Unfortunately, London didn't go her way, as she got a flat tire during the bike leg of the race and she finished 38th.

+ Not one to let disappointment get to her, Gwen immediately set her sights on Rio and immediately started dominating the world. She had a handful of first-place finishes in 2013, and in 2014 it simply became no contest. She was lights out. She finished third in a World Triathlon Series race on April 26, 2014... and she hasn't lost a race since. GUYS. Gwen has literally been undefeated for a year and a half. She's won 12 consecutive WTS races and two consecutive world championships. She's the first American woman to win back-to-back world titles, and is the first woman ever to win a world title after a flawless season.


+ The funny thing is that winning everything wasn't even Gwen's goal this season: she just wanted to qualify for the Olympic team. There are still 11 months before Rio 2016, but don't worry, Gwen's been on the team for over a month now. And her opponents are tired of essentially racing for second place, so they're literally just hoping this season was a flash in the pan. I mean, you know you've made it when your opponents are specifically figuring out how to beat you, right? And that's what's happening with Gwen. She's such a great runner that she doesn't have to finish in the lead pack after the swim and/or bike. As long as she's within a few minutes of the leader, she can catch up. That is nuts. She is untouchable.

I'm telling you. Look up "crushing it" in the dictionary and you'll find Gwen's picture. Keep an eye on this one, folks, because some big things might be happening next summer!

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