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  • I had this post ready for yesterday, but I haven't posted anything but Miracle Mondays on my blog on Mondays in well over a year and I just... couldn't do it. Sometimes I think I'm too sentimental for my own good! :P
  • I'm still trying to get back into the swing of things when it comes to planning out my blog posts. Fellow bloggers, do you ever feel too fickle to have an editorial calendar? I'll plan to write a fun post, but then life will happen and I'll be too moody/tired/distracted to want to spout rainbows from my keyboard. Anyone have any advice?
  • Things seem to have returned to some semblance of normalcy after my nutso spring/summer. But right as I was getting comfortable, a few nights ago I had a dream that my teeth were falling out. And not just one tooth, mind you. No, my entire top row of teeth were loose and moving around like they were dentures (ewww). And earlier in the week I had a dream that I was crossing a bridge that was big and solid and sturdy when I started across it, but by the time I got to the other end it was a rickety, crumbling rope bridge. I haven't looked that one up, but I was an English minor in college. I know me some symbolism. I can put two and two together. Do we think I'm extremely anxious about my life? (Say it with me: YES. Always, yes.)
  • After spending the entirety of July shut up in my cubicle, in the last two weeks I went to two Colorado Rockies games and a barbecue. So hey, I'm finally squeezing in some summer before fall! 
  • Also in the last two weeks, I met two of my friends' parents. (Does that sentence make sense? Two friends, two sets of parents.) It seems to be pretty rare to know your friends' parents after high school because most of the people I'm friends with are living pretty far away from home (including myself), so it's been really cool to meet people's families! 
  • The new intern class started at work this past week, and I realized that this is the EIGHTH intern class I've been out here for. That is crazy. When did I become a grizzled veteran?!
  • Speaking of the new interns, when I found out that ours was going to get a "welcome to the USOC" gift, I was a little offended -- I mean, I've had three first days at the USOC and not one of them has come with a gift! And that's how I ended picking out my "welcome to the USOC" gift a year and a half after my first first day. ;) I chose a super trendy cowl-neck hooded sweatshirt that I love but am still trying to figure out.
  • I bought myself my first candle recently. I know, how #basic of me. But I'm starting to understand why so many people are so obsessed with candles. I mean, I'm still a very long way from having a candle-hoarding problem like many people seem to, but there's something very lovely about firelight and the scent of mulled cider. I'm diggin' it.
  • Anyone with a crockpot and an aversion to putting in effort in the kitchen needs to make this chicken. It might actually be the easiest recipe on the Internet, and it's delicious!
  • I just scrolled through Facebook for about 30 seconds and saw posts from five different people about getting engaged, engagement photo shoots, or weddings. Please send help.
  • Miami Hurricanes football is back and the Mets are in first place in the NL East (in September!!!!!) and NHL preseason starts this month. I'm feeling pretty good about all the sports things at the moment (...but it's the Mets. And the Canes. So let's see how long this lasts).
Well, that's about where I'm at these days! How's everybody else doing?

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  1. DARCI!

    I feel like I'm probably the last person you expect to be posting on your blog. We weren't that good of friends in London even though you were one of the first people I met. Honestly all I remember is saying to myself "I need to meet ppl" "I'm going to go up to this girl with glasses and hope she's nice!" you definitely were so it worked out okay I guess. Anyway, I love sporadically hearing about your Olympic life and seeing you follow your dreams. Keep posting and if I'm ever scrolling through fb and see a post I'll def give it a read.

    Cheers from Australia,

    ps. love the sweatshirt