Things That Make Me Charlie White Happy, Part 2

This was one of those weeks when my Tuesday post went live and I immediately thought, "...welp, I have no idea what else I'm going to talk about this week." Seriously, I have the rest of my posts for the month all nice and planned out, but today's box on my calendar was empty and taunting me. Rude. So I dug into my archives and am recycling one of my old post ideas. :)

The last time I wrote about things that make me Charlie White happy was right after a really bad week, and I just needed a way to keep myself from bursting into stress-induced tears. This week, however, wasn't bad. It was actually on the good side of average. But we all need to focus on the happy things anyway, right? There's no reason to just plod through the week without some positivity!

Also, just as a reference for those of you who don't already know, this is Charlie White:

He's an Olympic gold medalist ice dancer (in case you were living under a rock during Sochi 2014), and don't you want to be that overjoyed about life? He gives new meaning to the term "happy dance." But I digress. Here's what had me happy this week!

+Jim Craig following me on Twitter. GUYS. I retweeted one of his tweets and not long after, I was eating lunch, minding my own business, and I see THIS!

I had food in my mouth. I'm not even ashamed to say I almost choked. I'm still freaking out a little bit.

SERIOUSLY. Be still my heart! (Yeah, like that's ever going to happen when Jim Craig is concerned.)

+Embracing discomfort. I've lived most of my life by the motto "fake it 'til you make it." If you don't know how to do something, pretend you do and figure it out. Well, my job is something that's very much out of my element. I've been given a huge project that I have zero background or expertise in. And I'm confident in my ability to figure it out and learn, but I'm completely not confident in the work I'm actually producing. So I flat-out told my boss: I have no idea what I'm doing. I'm trying, but I've never done this before, and I have no idea if it's right, and I will definitely need help. Oddly enough, that made me so much less uncomfortable! It's a huge relief to know that she knows what to expect (or what not to expect), and she's gone out of her way to be supportive and give me a safe space to get help and "have an ugly day." I'm still not totally comfortable with the prospect of ugly days (there's a smidge of perfectionism in me), but I do like that I'm allowed to have them!

+Dusting off my Photoshop skills. I like making things for fun, and it had been awhile since I'd had to silhouette anything. It feels good to practice that a bit and play graphic designer! Though I did forget how miserable it is to silhouette hair. (It's that perfectionism again.)

+Finding out we have Veteran's Day off of work. Woop! The good thing about having never gotten the yearly holiday schedule is that I get to be pleasantly surprised when we have a day off. We had to work on Columbus Day, but this coming Tuesday is blissfully free!

+Rediscovering old items in my wardrobe. Hey there, girly moment. But for real. I dug out a couple of pairs of boots I haven't worn in forever, and wow, I'm totally re-obsessed with them. I'm patting myself on the back that I even thought to bring them to Colorado with me, because I seriously haven't worn either pair in at least a year, maybe two. But they're super cute, and will go to great lengths in reinvigorating my winter wardrobe! Does anyone else get ridiculously bored with your clothing options every season? I'm already dreading the monotonous rotation of warm clothes during the winter months. So two new-old pairs of boots gives me two new options, which I'm pretty pumped about.

+It's sweatshirt weather! Okay, by "monotonous rotation" I really just mean work clothes. 'Cause I'm SO excited to dress for cooler weather on the weekends! Slouchy boots, fleece-lined leggings, sweaters... and there are few outfits that make me feel more like myself than a pair of jeans and my Miami sweatshirt! Speaking of which...

+FSU week is coming up! I might be slightly less enthused about this come next Saturday night, BUT Miami football takes on FSU next weekend! It's a rivalry game, and FSU is ranked No. 2 in the nation, and we pretty much just flat-out hate 'em, and Miami's been playing well recently. So hopefully it'll be a hell of a game (and result in our first win against FSU since my freshman year in 2009)!

And with that, I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend that makes you Charlie White happy! :)

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  1. Can we just stop for a moment and digest the fact that Jim Craig is following you??? Ok, let's all take a deep breath. Also, not a bad job silo'ing the hair, very cute boots, and, most especially, good luck with the new project!