It's Great To Be A Miami Hurricane

Does anyone else ever go through phases of being nostalgic for, like, every prior phase of your life? Because that's where I'm at right now. Maybe it was last week's trip down memory lane, but I kind of miss all the different places I've lived. And I know I tend to not shut up about how wonderful London is, but I lived in Miami for four years and have barely written a peep about it!

This is what the airport looks like. Always loved flying back here after a trip home!

Honestly, that's probably because my Miami experience wasn't very... "Miami." I went to college at the University of Miami, which is actually in Coral Gables. And I didn't have a car down there, and I wouldn't wish Miami's public transportation on anyone, so I was very much limited to campus and the surrounding walkable areas. Sorry, no crazy South Beach stories; I'm not really a beach person, or a clubbing person, so most of the stereotypical Miami culture held very little appeal to me. And with the crazy weather -- always a billion degrees with a billion percent humidity, or pouring rain -- you really just want to stay inside anyway.

Miami in one picture; dark clouds of doom to your left, bright blue skies on the right. Literally every day.

...Am I the one person in the world that complains about Miami? Lol, whoops. It's just not my kind of city! I never quite felt at home in Florida.

But I love my school. Wow, man, I'm so proud to be a Cane. I may not have felt at home in Florida, but I certainly felt at home on that campus. I mean, look at it!

It's like it's part rainforest, part resort. I'm still not totally sure how I managed to get any work done when it looked like that and felt like summer all year round.

And then there were the football games...

That's not even mentioning all the basketball games. And the baseball games. And the tennis matches. And the volleyball matches. And the soccer games. (I interned for the athletic department. There were a ton and a half of games.)

And can we talk about the sunsets for a second?

Who needs Instagram filters when real life looks like THAT? Only at The U, my friends.

It's great to be a Miami Hurricane! ;)

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  1. You always put such a positive spin on life, and that's inspiring. Being able to find the good in less than ideal situations is a gift that you own. You are a treasure!