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Guys, it's COLD. Have you noticed? Because it is. It's really, really cold.

Life inside that light purple is ROUGH. I like to think that living in New York for 18 years prepared me for winter, but it was nothing like this; Long Island can get frigid when it wants to, but rarely did we have temperatures in the teens, let alone anything below that. So waking up, checking my weather app and seeing a big fat goose egg in front of that degree symbol? No. thank. you.

For the benefit of you lucky ducks outside the grips of that stupid lavender splotch, here's what my life currently looks like! (Post format borrowed from here.)

This picture was actually taken this past January, back when working in downtown Colorado Springs was enough of a novelty for me to feel that it was worth taking a picture in the snow. Nowadays I'm all about keeping my hands solidly in my pockets.

My weather app, because on the off chance that the temperature reaches double digits, I want to witness this momentous occasion! (Today and yesterday have actually been solidly in the double digits! 27 is practically balmy when you're used to -2!)

Boot socks and fleece-lined leggings. How did I ever survive winters without them?! I only have one pair of each, and I want about 40 more.

To my car struggle to start when it's -4 degrees and I need to go to work. (Poor Buzz. He deserved to live out his old age somewhere warm and dry, like Arizona. But instead he gets me, two winters of sub-zero temperatures and two cross-country road trips.)

About how New York better freaking stay relatively warm. I will be there for Thanksgiving in two measly weeks (side note: YAY!), and I could sure use a respite from cold that freezes my nose hairs. Oh, you think I'm kidding.

Myself, every time I force myself outside. Seriously. Just going to and from work every day is a moral victory.

For NO MORE SNOW. We haven't gotten that much, which means the roads have only been minimally icy, which is just about the only saving grace in this whole situation. I really enjoy not worrying about imminent death on the roads. But it's supposed to snow tonight into tomorrow, so just... ugh, cross your fingers for me.

Boot socks and fleece-lined leggings! Hence why I need those 40 more pairs.

...Boot socks and fleece-lined leggings. (Are we noticing a pattern here yet, or...?) And a longer coat. And a more extensive wardrobe of scarves and beanies. Oh, and gloves that actually keep my hands warm. And, I mean, warmer weather would be pretty clutch.

My nose to not go numb within 15 seconds of stepping outside. (Dream big!)

I have no idea how people live in places where weather like this is normal. Hats off to you, Canada. (Actually no, hats on, otherwise your ears might get frostbitten.) Although, this is my second winter in Colorado and both have had polar vortexes... so maybe this IS normal?

Like a real grown-up. When I was a kid, I could never understand why my dad grumbled about the cold and the snow and the commute to work. But now that I'm living on my own, with an apartment and a car and a job? I'm grumbling about the cold and the snow and the commute to work. The snow-covered mountains are crazy beautiful, though, so that keeps me from getting TOO bitter! Colorado, you've got some redeeming qualities. :)

And now I'm going to brave the 20-something degrees and intense wind to get my shopping done so I can fully hibernate when it starts snowing later. Stay warm, friends!

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  1. aw i don't know what kind of weather you're having since I usually use celcius - but I'm from Canada and being currently in the UK, I have to say that I MISS snow sooo much! I don't love the cold so much, but I miss snow!