10 Random Things About Me

This post has been floating around the blog-o-sphere for a little while, and I was recently tagged to do it by Sammi over at College Beauty Buff. Her blog is super cute and is all about beauty on a budget -- perfect for us broke college students/recent grads. Go check 'er out!

1. People have been known to insinuate that I'm too thin. "You must not like food, right?" or "Are you eating regularly?" One of my camp counselors even went to far as to suggest that I'm anorexic, which is the complete OPPOSITE of the truth! But even though most things like this have been said out of love, it's left me feeling incredibly insecure about looking thin. I don't have a weight problem, but I now get defensive about my weight because I get grief for it. And lots of girls are desperate for a thigh gap, while I have one and think I have chicken legs. Weird, right?

2. I can name an Olympic city from every year the games have been held. There were two per year from 1924-1992, and for most I don't know both, but I can get at least one from each Olympiad! I'm irrationally proud of this accomplishment.

I decided to take a Sporcle quiz to test myself. Dammit, Grenoble, who invited you anyway?
3. I've been an intern with USA Volleyball for over two months now, and only last week did I look up what "sideout" means. (It's when the other team serves and you win the point and get the serve back, FYI. I figured that much out just from watching so many matches, but I thought the actual definition would be a little more specific/technical than that!)

4. I'm a serial re-watcher/re-reader. If I love a TV show, movie or book, once is simply not enough.

5. I have a (semi irrational) fear of falling. I'm not afraid of heights when I feel safe, but if there's no railing or whatever I'm standing on is see-through? Not okay! And I'm not a big fan of being picked up or riding bikes. I like my feet firmly on the ground, thanks.

6. I've lost track of how many times I've donated my hair to Locks of Love. Chopped off ten inches for the first time in sixth grade and haven't stopped!

7. I cry over fictional people much more than I cry over real people.

8. I have the uncontrollable urge to throw up the U at every monument/cool place I go to. It's a Canes thing. ;)

How do you say "it's all about the U" in French?
9. I've only ever owned one souvenir trinket with my name on it, and that's only because family friends had it custom made for me. It was a keychain and it broke a week after I started using it. I was crushed.

10. I tried to stop being a Mets fan after they traded RA Dickey. But my friend Christina knows John Buck, the Mets' new catcher, and she told him that her friend abandoned ship. He told her that he'd make me change my mind. Remember those absolutely mindblowing numbers he had at the beginning of the season? Yep, that was totally all for me!

You're welcome, Mets fans.
And now I get to tag people -- it's supposed to be 10, but if you're reading this, consider yourself tagged. Most bloggers I know have already done this, which means several things; one, that I'm super late to the party, and two, that I need more blogger friends! (Now accepting applications. Inquire within.) But I think I can manage a few, right?

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Have at it, everyone! :)

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  1. I have cried for fictional characters rather than real peeps in my life #OhYes
    Thanks girl , I'll do something soon :)
    Noor @ Noor's Place