Favorites Friday: Moments From the London 2012 Closing Ceremony

I sort of missed the boat on this one, guys. The one year anniversary of the London 2012 Closing Ceremony was earlier in the week -- whoops! But considering this week has been a whirlwind both at the OTC and at work, I'm giving myself a break. And besides, there's really no wrong time to watch the closing ceremony! It's basically one giant, "what the HELL? Wait, this is kind of fun," moment, which made narrowing down my favorite moments extremely difficult!

I would've had the extinguished torch and, "See you in Rio!" as my final favorite moment, but actually I kind of hate that moment. That moment marks the beginning of my post-Olympics depression that I suffer from for at least a year.

Gotta say, I loved this ceremony. Like I said before, it was basically a constant WTF, but it was so incredibly entertaining. Doesn't hurt that British music is basically the greatest!

Happy Friday!

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