Uh, BRB?

I always hate when bloggers write posts that basically say "hey everyone, sorry but I'm super busy right now so I'm going to be MIA for a little bit! Please stick with me!" Because a) if we're being honest, there are maybe a handful of blogs I'd even notice if they were off their posting schedule or quieter than usual, and b) do you really think people are going to unfollow your blog because you don't post for a week? Really? Please.

But... this is one of those posts.

I'm sorry. I repent. But holy poop, guys, do I NOT have time to blog right now.

Basically, I got a new job doing what I used to be doing (so I got an old job?) back in early 2014, during the Sochi Olympics. If you were around back then, remember how I was working all sorts of weird hours? Well, right now it's the third day of the Toronto 2015 Pan American Games, and it may not be an Olympics and the time difference may not be as severe, but I'm right back in Games mode.

Opening Ceremony = the calm before the storm.

You know that feeling when you're sprinting flat out, as hard and as fast as you can, and you're right at the brink of your limit and your form is going so you might injure yourself and you know that soon your body won't be able to keep up this pace anymore so you'll probably end up crashing face-first into the ground? Yeah, that's how I feel at work right now. Occasionally I might slow to a jog for, like, 15 minutes, but I'm never walking and I'm certainly never standing still. There's ALWAYS stuff that needs to get done. Also, I don't have a day off again until August, so there's that.

I'm not complaining, though. I love this job and I love being useful and I love Games times! Buuutttt it means I'm working eight-plus hours every single day for the rest of the month, so I just don't have time to keep up with any of the posts I had planned for this month. I'm hoping to fall into some sort of rhythm by the end of this week, though, and use my non-working morning hours for blogging... but I can't make any promises. I can promise that I'm going to try, though! (But I'm also using my personal laptop for work right now -- long story -- so at this rate I'll have to have it surgically removed from my hands at the end of the month.)

Anyway, I need to go eat and do some pre-work work before my work hours start (lol, hope you don't think I'm kidding). But check out TeamUSA.org and TeamUSA.org/Toronto2015 if you ever get to wondering what I'm doing on any given day. A good chunk of what you see there passes through my hands before it reaches your eyeballs. ;) Go Team USA!

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