The Traveler I Am Not

I read a lot of blogs, and a pretty good number of travel blogs. I love getting a peek into other people's adventures around the world, and I'm just as interested in how these people travel as I am in where they travel. It makes me think a lot about my own trips and my own travel personality. It's pretty fascinating to see what other people like and do, and compare it to myself. And I've realized that, while I am a lot of things, there are also a bunch of things I'm definitely not.

+ I'm not the traveler that's going to look impeccably stylish. Or stylish at all, really. I backpacked through Europe in a pair of Converse and shorts with tights underneath. Those Converse ended up destroying my feet so that was a terrible decision, but I'd sooner wear them again than walk around in anything with a heel. Even a chunky heel. Or a wedge. It's strictly flat, supportive shoes for this girl and her lame feet and weak ankles (party hard!). I'm also big on t-shirts and cardigans; basically, give me comfort any day.

+ I'm not the traveler that has any real desire for a beach vacation. I mean, I love relaxing and doing nothing as much as the next guy, but I don't travel to lay around or bake in the sun or drink (let alone all three at the same time). Give me a city to run around in!

+ I'm not the traveler that will get stressed out about a schedule. I'm Type A to an extent, but beyond getting to an airport or train station on time, why spend time being anxious about something that, in the grand scheme of things, doesn't really matter? As long as I get to do everything I want to do, I'm in no great rush to get to certain places according to a timetable. And I've made some great memories on days when "wandering" was the only thing on the agenda!

On a leisurely wander through Venice.

+ I'm not the traveler that will ever have trouble finding something to eat. I might not be able to eat a lot (I'm cursed with an incredibly small appetite), but I will eat just about anything. I don't have any food allergies. I don't have any foods that I'm aggressively opposed to. I don't need anything fancy. Plunk me down in a restaurant and I'm good to go. Granted, I've never been to Asia, where the food is significantly different from what I'm used to, but I'm down to try everything. I want to try everything!

+ I'm not the traveler that will make every trip sound like a complete fairytale. Sorry, I'm too realistic for that. Nor are my photography (or photo editing) skills good enough to make every scene look like a dewey, golden scene from an artsy movie. Travel definitely involves some moments that are pure magic, but it also involves things like sore feet and achy shoulders and jet lag and fumbling with maps. (That's not even mentioning the things that go catastrophically wrong.) Some travel bloggers can make their trips sound like nothing but pure bliss, but that's too much omission for my liking.

+ I'm not the traveler that'll let embarrassment stop me from taking a jumping picture. Nope. Not sorry.

Travel Tuesday

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  1. but you ARE the kind of traveler I would want to go with. I'm not most of these travelers either. I'm also not the traveler who is going to go to new places + eat things I could eat at home...

  2. I'm with you on the flats all the way! Why spend your precious time in a new place being grumpy due to sore feet?! Sometimes I think I'd like a beach holiday (mostly for the enforced relaxation) but I get there and I'm just like nope, can't do it. Where's the nearest thing to do?

  3. I really don't get the traveling in high heels thing. I've seen so many women mincing around in their shoes or getting them stuck in cobblestones to even remotely consider wearing them. Heck, I rarely wear them in every day life unless it's a wedding!

  4. Jumping photos are THE BEST!!!!! I think happy traveling has everything to do with understanding our identities as travelers! It's also why some people hate traveling, because instead of accepting what kind of traveler they are and tailoring their trip to meet those needs, they just plan whatever everyone else likes to do...and it doesn't work! Keep it up!

  5. It's funny you mention how converses are adorable and cute, but so bad for actual hard-core trips. They are so terrible in the rain and snow - I've almost slipped way too many times in them haha :D Travelling brings out so many different qualities in people, thank you for sharing your reflections on your travelling experiences. They're been wonderful to read! (:

    With Love, Fatema |