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The lovely Christina at Route Bliss nominated me to take part in this behind-the-scenes blog hop (almost a month ago... whoops! But I'm a journalist at heart and am loath to write about evergreen topics when current stuff is happening)! So today you'll be getting a peek into my writing process... or general lack thereof. ;) Hah.

#1: What am I currently working on/writing?

You know those bloggers that have posts planned and written and scheduled six months in advance? Yeah, I am NOT one of those people. I went to journalism school, which means I'm used to banging out a story and squeaking in just before deadline (because, let's be real, sources never reply in a timely fashion). However, I've improved! Just in the last few months I've started keeping some semblance of an editorial calendar, mostly to keep track of my Miracle Monday and Travel Tuesday topics... and also so Friday doesn't roll around and I have zero idea what to write about. I do like knowing what I'll be writing in the coming weeks, but I like to write all my posts only in the few days before I want to publish them. Maybe it's just me, but I think it keeps my blog feeling current, to some extent; obviously Mondays are evergreen and Tuesdays have been all throwbacks, but everything I write is what's going on in my head when I hit that orange button.

Anyway, to answer the actual question... I'm getting ready to write my Travel Tuesday for this week at some point this weekend. And I'm trying to write this post really fast because I'm dying to get started writing this week's Miracle Monday! (I literally look forward to writing those posts all week. Don't judge.)

#2: How does my work/writing differ from others of its genre?

Do I even have a genre? I'm not a travel blogger: I'm a blogger that occasionally writes about travel. I'm not a lifestyle blogger: I'm a blogger that occasionally writes about her life. I'm not a sports blogger: I'm a blogger that occasionally writes about sports. And I'm certainly not a fashion blogger, period! So if you can figure out my genre, by all means let me know. But I guess that's my answer: my blog doesn't really fit into a genre, which means it's just inherently different by definition. #specialsnowflake

#3: Why do I write what I do?

Short answer? Because I want to.

Long answer? I get excited about things. Like, really excited. Fly-across-the-country, camp-out-on-the-streets-for-almost-a-week, make-tee-shirts excited. And what's a writer to do when she's bursting at the seams about something? I believe the scientific term is "keyboard vomit."

In all seriousness, though, not a day in my life have I ever blogged for page views. Do I get super pumped when I gain a follower or get a comment or my stats spike? Hell yeah I do! But I blog for me. Some of my favorite posts get lackluster views and/or no comments, and it's kind of a bummer, but as long as I'm excited by what I wrote, I truly don't mind. So even if nobody cares about what's going on in the Olympic world, and the thought of reading about another hockey player makes you want to cry... well, that's too bad, because that's what I'm going to write about. :) I'm all about putting out content that I want to read and that I'm proud of. And if I can get other people excited about the things I'm excited about, or teach someone something? Well, that is just the cream cheese frosting on top of the red velvet cake!

I write about things that make me feel like this!

#4: How does my writing process work?

Writing process? What writing process?

Like I mentioned before, I do have an editorial calendar with post topics loosely outlined. (And I do mean loosely; there are more cross-outs and arrows than I care to admit.) All of my posts are usually written within 1-3 days of being published. Beyond that? I generally just kind of... sit down and write. My Miracle Monday graphics are all made already (I got really overzealously excited and Photoshop-happy one day...), but for my other posts I edit images after I've more or less finished writing, and then just plug them in. I let everything marinate for a day or so, go back and re-read and preview and make whatever edits I see fit... and that's kind of it. Really, there's not much to see here. (Blogging is EASY. It's fun. I'm my own boss. Deadlines are soft. I don't have to spend hours transcribing interviews. I mean, truly, if you want to see a writing process, spend one deadline night in a newsroom. This ain't no process, it's stress relief!)

So there you have it! Hope nobody's too disappointed by my lack of interesting insight. ;) I nominate Lauren at lauren elyse CAN to continue this bloggy chain letter.

Happy Friday!

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  1. Enjoyed reading this :) And I'd call you a travel/Olympic/lifestyle-ish blogger :)

    1. Glad you enjoyed! Haha yeah that "ish" basically sums it up! ;D

  2. Haha yeah writing processes really just don't happen do they ;) And it's good that you blog just for you!! xx

    The Life of Little Me

  3. haha that's very funny! I love when other bloggers admit that they lack in writing process - makes me feel better about not being super planned out! I agree with Christina you're a bit of everything - but I think what makes you unique truly is your passion for the Olympics!

    1. Hahaha honestly I think most of us just kind of throw posts together and hope for the best! And you're totally right, I haven't yet found another blogger that doesn't shut up about the Olympics (or even just sports in general)!

  4. This was fun! I love your reason for writing, it's very similar to my own.