A Snowy Weekend in Breckenridge

I don't know about where everyone else is living, but here in Colorado, the weather can't make up its mind during these transitional seasons. The summer is like a sauna and the winter is like living in a freezer... but then it snows in May, it's 80 degrees in October, and I find myself scraping ice off my car in the morning but taking off my jacket in the afternoon. It's so frustrating. I'm dreading another few months spent in a polar vortex (especially because here they don't plow, sand or salt the roads when it snows!), but I'm more than ready for mother nature to just commit already! 

That being said, I very much enjoyed looking through these wintry photos. :)

As you may or may not know, last year I spent seven months as an intern with USA Volleyball and lived at the Olympic Training Center with the rest of the interns in the USOC Intern Program. As a part of the deal, each intern class gets to take a fully funded trip, generally to one of the lovely mountain towns only a few hours away. We pick the location, find the place to stay, figure out our own food situation and schedule, etc. Basically, the USOC gives interns money to travel and we do with it what we wish.

Now, this is kind of a double-edged sword, as I've heard stories of intern trips that were rather mediocre. And I missed out on my summer intern class' trip... but the fall class totally knocked it out of the park. We stayed in this fabulously luxurious cabin in Breckenridge in mid-November, so everything was cozy and snowy and Christmas-y. We spent some time walking around town, played in the snow (and some of the braver souls went hiking and skiing), lounged around, watched movies, drank tea... and there was some other stuff drank as well, though yours truly remained sober and tried to make sure nobody wandered off into the frozen forest. (Yeah, I'm the mom friend, and I make no apologies for it! I also just don't like alcohol, so that helps.)

That little creek was literally right out back behind the cabin. Speaking of which, can we talk about this place?

I wish I had more pictures of the inside, because it was basically perfect (as you can see) and I want to live there.

Since I'm no longer an intern (instead I'm a temp -- baby steps, folks), I no longer have the USOC paying for me to spend a weekend in the mountains so I probably won't get to reprise this particular getaway this year. I might have to find some more local places to get my wintry fix... or maybe I'll just hibernate. I don't know, man, they both sound pretty tempting!

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  1. So cool that you were allowed to take a trip like this - very very cool! I've always dreamed of spending holidays in a luxurious cabin in the woods like that! Oh and the temperature in Colorado sounds exactly like it is in Canada - one day it's below freezing and the next day you're in shorts

    1. Haha isn't it the most frustrating thing ever?! And thanks! It was seriously idyllic up there and probably spoiled me forever! :)