8 Reasons Why Olympics Time is The Best Time

I'm having a really, really hard time believing London 2012 was a year and a half ago, but it's true: as of tomorrow, Sochi 2014 is officially upon us! Say it with me: TO-MOR-ROW! And I don't know about you, but I am SO. EXCITED. Shocker, right? Well, if you're less enthused about the Olympics than I am, here are some reasons why that needs to change. Like, ASAP.

+Because you get to watch sports you don't usually get to see. I don't know about you, but there's only so much football I can take. And the Super Bowl is over, folks, and it's on every single year. What's so special about that?! I don't know about you, but I don't see much Nordic combined on TV in non-Olympic years! So go ahead and watch all those random sports you never see, 'cause this is your last chance for four years! Soak in the ski jumping. Soak it in.

+Because you get to expand your worldly knowledge. What does Montenegro's flag look like? Where exactly is Serbia? How on earth does a kid from Africa become a skier? Well, you're gonna find out!

+Because you finally have a reason to wear all the patriotic stuff you have laying around.

(Jeez, do we think I have enough? And this is just the stuff I have with me in Colorado! Though, to be fair, the sweatshirt was a gift, the zip-up next to it was work swag, and the zip-up below it was a prize. Fun fact: that USA Hockey shirt is a boys' youth large. #sorrynotsorry. And don't even ask about the socks, because I have nooooo idea.)

Not pictured: the legit full-size American flag I bought when I was in London during the Olympics. Which brings me to...

+Because you finally have an excuse to be obnoxiously patriotic and proud of your country. When it comes to patriotism at the Olympics, it's go big or go home. I showed up with a tiny little handheld American flag and was utterly ashamed, hence my giant flag purchase. Totally rocked that sucker at the men's triathlon, let me tell you! If you're not screaming your throat raw during the USA vs. Canada gold medal hockey game, you're doing it wrong.

Please note that I did not make this meme. There are others like me out there! ;) [x]
+Because of the stories. At the Olympics, nobody is there for fame and fortune. It's full of people competing for the love of their sport, many doing so despite sub-par funding, zero publicity and all kinds of obstacles. Literally everyone there has an amazing story. Let's not even get started talking about the Paralympics! (And uh, hello, the Jamaican bobsled team is BACK!)

+Because now you can be nocturnal for a reason. "Why am I up so late? Because curling starts at 3 a.m. in this timezone. Duh!"

+Because of all the wonderful commercials that make you cry.


+Because, for three weeks, the whole country (and the whole world) is united. And that, my friends, is awesome.

Happy Olympics, everybody!
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  1. So as I understand,you didnt go to Sochi,yes?

    1. Nope, I'm helping hold down the fort for the USOC in Colorado Springs.

    2. Its a pity,that you can`t come.Sochi is a wonderful place.I was never been here but I was in a neighboring city Anapa.I was there with my relatives.Me and my father specially went from Siberia there to visit our relatives and to show me the sea.I have never seen the sea before that.It was wonderful Caucasian mountains from one side and sea from another side.There were a millions of Russians who travel to the beach for swimming.I was a one of them.Of course there were some threads.Russia was just goes from the 90s,the Second Chechen War was just finished but the nature and people were awesome.Now it is even better,however terrorists are still exist.

  2. I'm so excited about the Olympics! First time the TV has been turned on in my Russian apartment!!

    1. Woohoo! Quite a worthy occasion to break in your TV! But the question is, are you rooting Russian or American? :)

  3. I have heard some news about the dangerous slopes in Sochi.How comes that the commissions and skiers from the many countries accept these slopes one month ago and claimed it dangerous now?They were trained in this slopes for a month.

  4. cute socks!
    would you mind to follow each other? :)

    greetings from Hong Kong :)