My Colorado Bucket List Revisited

I think every blogger I follow has written a "2013 year in review" post. I was considering hopping on that bandwagon, but the first four or so months of my year consisted primarily of working and writing my thesis. Life didn't really become blog-worthy until I packed up and moved to Colorado (give or take). And since I'm now no longer there, it's about time to revisit my Colorado bucket list and see how I did! So here, have an "August-December 2013 in review" post!

1. Go ice skating at the World Arena. Check! This was actually one of the final things I did before moving out, and it was a totally last second decision. I'd meant to meet up with Kristina there, but due to a miscommunication I ended up going alone. I thought it'd be weird, just me and the parents with their small children, but it wasn't. It was so. much. fun. I'd forgotten why I used to love skating so much! And in honor of the holidays, public skating was held on "the big ice," where the Colorado College hockey team plays. So, like, in the arena. Freaking cool!

2. Go to a concert at Red Rocks. Check! Ingrid and I saw OneRepublic and Sara Bareilles back in August (omg). My pictures from the concert suck, since we were up in the nosebleeds due to general admission tickets and horrendous traffic, but the venue was gorgeous and the show was awesome.

3. Visit each Colorado Springs-based NGB. I didn't do this one like I'd meant to. I did, however, get some of them...

...and drove by several others (figure skating, hockey, and triathlon). And we can add volleyball, fencing, archery and table tennis to that, as that building is where I went to work every day. So that's not too bad. I think I'll give myself half a check.

4. Visit Denver. I didn't get to go to a Rockies or Avalanche game, but I did go to Denver, and I did tour the stadium the Broncos play in. So I think that deserves a check!

5. See the University of Wisconsin women's hockey team play in Vail. Heck yeah, this one gets a check! I was a mere feet from Mark Johnson, and it was awesome!

6. Hold an Olympic gold medal. It didn't happen the way I thought it would, but this gets a check three times over! Boom.

7. Go to a brewery. Took the plunge and spent an afternoon touring the Coors brewery (and didn't even hate the beer I tried). Check!

8. Tour the Celestial Tea factory. Alas, didn't get to this one. It's kind of a hike from Colorado Springs, and I just got lazy. But you know what? It's not going anywhere. Assuming I get back to Colorado eventually, I can swing by whenever I decide to.

I'm pretty proud of my 6.5/8! I thought I'd be pretty bad at this, considering I still have a sticky note saved to my desktop of several things to do before I leave London. Seriously. That, however, I think was me subconsciously giving myself a reason to go back. But Colorado? Pretty confident I'll get back there. Y'know, one day.

I hope everyone has a wonderful New Year's Eve! Catch you all in 2014!

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