The Sochi Struggle Continues

Sochi Olympic venues
I'm slowly beginning to come to terms with the fact that my dreams are not real dreams if they don't have setbacks.

In my quest to find a way to get myself to RIOU (click for the last post I wrote about it), I found a foundation that's offering 20 full scholarships to students in the school's first class. I figured that was my in! I was all set to prepare my application to the school so I could get my acceptance and apply for the scholarship before its March deadline, until I realized that the school application asks for a copy of your undergraduate diploma. I won't have that until May.

So I emailed the school, telling them about my situation, and I got a response: I need my diploma to apply. No exceptions. I sulked for a few days and then tried again, asking if I could send my transcript, a letter from the university, or some other proof that I'm going to graduate. Today, I got their response: I need my diploma to apply. No exceptions.

Fan-freaking-tastic. >.< Back to square one and the prospect of some ridiculous loans.

Sochi, Russia
But you know what? I was an exception in the two coolest things I've ever done in my life. The summer I was on Endurance, I went to sleep-away camp for a month before the show, which meant I wouldn't be home to get all the necessary information or sign forms and such. But Mark and Patrick let that slide. My mom would print everything out and send it to me, I would do whatever I had to do and send it back, and she would get it to the producers for me. When it came to London 2012 Ceremonies, everyone involved needed to have a UK visa that was good until November, otherwise you weren't supposed to be allowed to work or perform. Mine expired in June. But somehow I was processed through the system anyway -- maybe because the volunteer coordinator was American too, or maybe it was just a mistake -- and I volunteered with them until the day before I had to leave the country.

In both cases, I probably shouldn't have been able to do what I did. But it happened anyway. I think that bodes well for my chances with RIOU.

And if it doesn't? As soon as I got their first response, I went right over to and registered to be a volunteer during the Games. I am going to Russia. Whether or not RIOU wants me there for their program is entirely up to them!

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