Can't Stop, Won't Stop

Life is stressful.

I'm not telling anyone anything you don't already know, but it had to be said. For example, I'm writing this post from the food court during a brief break in my six-plus hours of lecture today, in lieu of doing schoolwork that's due by 6:25. But there's a reason for this. Hold that thought.

These last few days have been... well, quite the experience. On Friday morning/afternoon, I worked at my first tennis match for my internship, and then it was off to the library for several hours of thesis research, which took far longer than expected and prompted a wave of mild panic. On Saturday was another tennis match and then a shift at the wellness center. Sunday had me working women's and men's basketball games back-to-back, which meant over eight hours at the BankUnited Center. Yesterday I got to worrying about my thesis again, and did the math to realize that I have to research nearly five Olympics each week through April (46 Games in ten weeks) if I want to have a prayer of finishing on time.

Like I said, life is stressful.

So, today I brought my laptop with me in the hopes of getting some work done in between classes, which would leave some time later to work on my thesis (I'll most definitely need it; the 1900 Paris Olympics were a hot mess). But when I sat down and opened my computer, I checked my email and found this:
Dear Darci, 
Thank you for your readiness to contribute to the XXII Olympic Winter Games and the XI Paralympic Games in Sochi as a volunteer. It is these volunteers who will be the main driving force behind the Games, creating the unique atmosphere of hospitality Russia is preparing to show millions of guests. 
Knowledge of the English language is one of the key components of our success and, because of this, one of the steps to becoming a volunteer is a test of your knowledge of English. 
The aim of this test is to determine your current level of English, to help us plan future training, and to decide the most suitable position for each volunteer candidate. The test will be online. As soon as you receive the link for the test, click on it and follow the online instructions. 
The test consists of four parts (grammar, listening, reading and writing). The exact questions asked will depend on your answers, no one test will be the same. It will take, on average, 40 minutes to complete. We recommend answering questions in the order they come, as it is not possible to go back later. 
It is recommended to take the test in Internet Explorer browser.  
More information about the structure of the test, and tips on how to complete it, can be found on the volunteer portal (My events tab).  
Please follow the link and complete the test during the week. Please register with the same e-mail you use in Sochi 2014 volunteer application form. When you have completed this test, we will let you know what the next step is. 
The Sochi 2014 Organizing Committee
So, naturally, my time today will have to be reallocated! :)

However, that email in itself didn't inspire this post. Another one did, this one from "The Universe." There's a website,, where you can sign up to receive notes from The Universe. They're all inspirational stuff, which is great for when you're feeling unmotivated, stressed or generally blah about life. Sometimes they end up being creepily appropriate for my current situation, but I don't think they've ever been more so than this one:
You're going to miss the slow times and quiet days, Darci. Your anonymity, stealth, and small circle of friends. Plodding along at your own pace, working in spurts, and wondering where your next break will come from. Even your uncertainties, doubts, and fears will be missed.  
It just works like that once massive dreams start coming true.  
You'll manage just fine,    The Universe
 It gave me goosebumps. Because right now, I have zero slow times and quiet days, I have no idea when my next break will come, and I'm more uncertain, doubtful and afraid than I've probably ever been in my life. But I adore my internship and am chomping at the bit to get my thesis going, so I feel like it all has a purpose, like it's all bringing me where I want to end up. Getting this email right on the heels of the next steps to become a Sochi 2014 volunteer felt suspiciously like karma.

Look out, world. I'm coming for you.


  1. This blog is giving ME goosebumps! Make those massive dreams come'll manage just fine! The Universe is looking out for you...WOW!!!