DanRad and LOCOG

Look at me, blogging on a regular basis! (Though honestly, it's probably because I'm starting to get sick so I stayed in tonight to rest, eat clementines, and drink hot chocolate. I'm deluding myself into thinking these things are going to help. Well, mostly just the hot chocolate.)

Yesterday I did go to The Woman in Black premiere, where I had a spot on the barrier across from the media, and where Dan Radcliffe was literally right in front of me. How did I fail to get a picture with him yet again?

See that blue thing? Yeah, my face was behind it. The people behind me took it upon themselves to hold the things they wanted signed directly in front of me. Le sigh. I'm really too short for this stuff.

Today, as per my Wednesday usual, I went to class and then promptly went back to sleep for... uh... like four hours. Hey, I had nothing else to do! And I woke up this morning with the beginnings of a cold, so why not? But I was up in plenty of time to make it to my interview with London 2012 Ceremonies on time.

Oh, have I not mentioned that yet? ;) Well, over winter break I submitted an application to be a ceremonies volunteer for the Olympics. My visa's only good until June (which I only realized as I was applying), so at the moment I'm only looking to get involved on a shorter term basis. But anyway, I got contacted by the casting department and told to come interview!

I'm hesitant to say it went well, 'cause the last time that happened was with USA Swimming, and we all know how that turned out... but I WILL say that it was fun, and that's never happened before! I think it's safe to be less nervous about this because it's not skilled volunteer work; I don't really think they're cutting many people, ya know? (Watch me say this and not get it. Just watch.) But I really wasn't nervous at all. The lady interviewing me was really nice, and the whole time I was sitting there repressing the urge to flail about the fact that I was interviewing with L2012C.

Good god. Pinch me, please. Even if I fail, this is freaking awesome.

So, I hope they were looking for enthusiasm, because I couldn't stop talking about how excited I was to have the opportunity to be involved at all and how I love the Olympics and that I'm willing to stand around in the cold not doing much (been there, done that). I think the fact that I'm studying abroad here almost entirely because of the Olympics might help me out. And it turns out that my interviewer was just recently in Miami, so we had a little chat about Coral Gables.

When she asked me if I had any questions, I of course asked her what volunteers would be doing, and then we somehow got onto more specific things about the ceremonies. She was telling me how there are professional performers and volunteer performers, and what the difference is, and about "mass movement choreographers" whose job it is to coordinate the thousands of people performing in the ceremonies, and I was dying inside. I wanted to sit there and pick her brain forever.

Man, just let me at 'em. I will be the most enthusiastic volunteer ever.

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  1. You are having such wonderful experiences! I am excited for you!!!