Brightly Colored Shoes

Today I had a site visit for my Architecture in London class. I overslept (my lovely alarm decided to take the morning off) and it was a bit of a trek on the tube, so I ended up getting there about five minutes into the lecture. When it was over, I told my professor that I'd be hanging around for the beginning of the second group's lecture.

There was a bit of a lull in between the two, so two other latecomers and I chatted with Professor Abbott. He's a bit of an eclectic kind of guy; for example, today he was wearing bright red corduroy pants and teal shoes. It was freezing out and one of my classmates was wearing really thin cloth sneakers. Professor Abbott mentioned that his shoes were really warm, and that got us onto the topic of their color.

He said he was forced to wear suits and black shoes for a really long time at his previous jobs, and when he was in school he wore a uniform.

"I vowed to myself that as soon as I could rebel, I'd wear things that were bright colors," he said, grinning. "I do have a black suit, but I don't wear it very often."

I looked down at my wardrobe. Gray shirt, gray scarf, brown coat, jeans, black boots, brown bag. Yawn. All the colors of the rainbow at my disposal, and I stick with neutrals because... why? I absolutely love my blue coat, and my coral shorts, and my purple boots, and my yellow scarf. So why don't I have a jewel-toned pair of jeans? Or neon sneakers?

Why am I not more adventurous? Why do I care so much about choosing the "safer" option?

So I complimented Professor Abbott on the color of his shoes and vowed to get out of my comfort zone more often.

Leave it to me to get philosophical over a pair of teal shoes.

(I'm not sure how this is relevant to anything. But it is. A real, update-y post is coming soon!)

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  1. While I DO get your love of grey (gray?) you should definitely pop it with your yellow scarf! And treat yourself to a pair of jewel-toned jeans! Hmmm, maybe that's a birthday present idea...