So, up until now, I’ve been operating with the theory of “let’s not post about awesome things that are potentially happening so I don’t jinx them.”

But dude? Let’s knock on wood and throw that out the window, because OH MY GOD THE MOST AWESOME THING JUST HAPPENED AND THERE’S NO WAY I’M NOT GOING TO TALK ABOUT IT!


On the USOC website, it says that internship decisions are made no later than April 4th. Well, April 4th came and went, and I heard nothing. I pouted a little bit, but moved on. I mean, I’d been hopeful, but not holding my breath. I resigned myself to the fact that I might have to apply during the fall, when I wouldn’t have to pay extra to get school credits for it, and when there’s probably less competition.

Fast forward to Friday. I was getting ready to go to the baseball game with Brittany, and had to print my resume for yesterday (I was meeting with the director of the Special Olympics in Miami-Dade). Our printer doesn’t have ink, so I opened my UMail account so I could email it to myself to open in the computer lab.

Staring at me from the top line of my inbox was an email with the subject line “USA Swimming Internship Interview.”

My reaction:

Except in my case, there was some clapping my hands over my mouth and looking wild-eyed over at my lovely roommate, who chose this weekend to visit and is always lucky enough to be here to see me react to something in this fashion. I swear, if she didn’t know me so well, she’d think I was absolutely insane. And, let's be real, she still might. :P

The email was from the media relations manager, wanting to schedule an interview with me. I was literally shaking. Okay, so it’s not TECHNICALLY the USOC. But the headquarters of USA Swimming are at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado, so their interns live there! I’m still having trouble wrapping my mind around this. I gave my mom a mini heart attack when I texted her “OMG I NEED TO CALL YOU RIGHT NOW!” and I skipped several times on the walk to the baseball stadium. It’s a really good thing I got this email on a Friday as opposed to during the week – I would NOT be able to focus in class.

But anyway, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH! I HAVE AN INTERVIEW!!!! :D I mean, I had an interview with SNY last week, but I had help getting that one (and I haven’t even heard back from them yet). This one was all me! Me and my recommendation letter from a former swimmer and current Vice President of the US Olympians! I KNEW that would help me! Out of all the USOC internships I applied to, I held out the most hope for this one, because the name Gary Hall, Sr. is really significant in the swimming world. I already sent him an email saying OH MY GOD I LOVE YOU! (In not so many words, of course.)

My interview is officially scheduled for Tuesday at 4! Eek! I’m so excited! My nerves should start setting in any day now, but I’m on cloud 9 at the moment! This whole time, I’ve been saying that all I need is an interview. If they’d give me a shot after looking at my resume, I think my chances are really good. I can talk about why I want this job for days on end, so (dare I say it) I’m feeling kind of confident! Talk to me on Tuesday at 3:30 and I’ll be singing a different tune, but I can do this. I KNOW I can do this!

Oh, my life. :)


  1. I recovered from the mini heart attack, and happily awaiting the next one...GOOD LUCK!

  2. Good luck from us. We're rooting for you!