Welcome to Blogtober!

Hello, dearest readers!

Remember when I blogged every day in July last summer? Well, I've been seeing some blog-every-day challenges floating around recently, and I was inspired to create my own for myself.

A few months ago, I posted on my Tumblr about an Olympian named Peter Norman, who has an AMAZING story but probably 99% of people have never heard of before. I expected it to not get a single like or reblog, but it shockingly got 61 notes! It made me wonder what other random tidbits about Olympians I know that people may actually care about. So that's what October is going to be -- a different Olympian every day. :)

But then, last week, I received a sign from the universe. My boss lent me a book called Steal Like An Artist by Austin Kleon that, first of all, is incredibly inspiring and made me want to go MAKE ALL THE THINGS. But more than that, there's a page titled "Write fan letters" in the chapter called "Be Nice." It basically says to show your appreciation for someone else's work without expecting anything in return. When the author suggested writing a blog post about someone's work that you admire, I was sold. Don't you just love having your ideas validated like that?! (Ironically, though, the very next page is titled "Validation is for parking.")

Hence, Blogtober was born!

Every day, I'll be writing a fan letter of sorts about a different Olympian, explaining why they're incredibly awesome and why you should care, and doing it in bite-sized chunks (because lord knows I could blab forever). I tried to stay away from the big names that everyone knows so I could try and expand some people's horizons, but I can't leave out my favorites in a month full of fan letters! I will, however, leave out Jim Craig and RA Dickey, 'cause I've written (read: fangirled) about them before.

I'm excited about this, guys! I've got my list and I've got some graphics ready to go. It's going to be a fun, nerdy month. :)

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