2012: The Year in Review

I've been seeing various posts like this around the Internet and wasn't going to write one myself. But then I decided that 2012 was quite possibly the best year of my life, so if any year deserves to be reviewed, it's this one.

1. I kicked off the year by traveling to London for a semester abroad...

2. ...And, within a few weeks, was being interviewed for a volunteer position with London 2012 Ceremonies.

3. ...And then I became a volunteer with London 2012 Ceremonies. Best thing that's ever happened to me.

4. I made the most amazing friends. They swept me off my feet. Literally. Multiple times.

5. I fulfilled a lifelong dream and backpacked through Europe! On this trip, I;

  • Visited Copenhagen, Denmark, which has been a goal of mine since 4th grade.
  • Frolicked in Olympic stadiums in Munich and Berlin.
  • Went to the headquarters of the International Olympic Committee and the Olympics Museum.
  • Walked around in a concentration camp.
  • Traveled between countries by train.
  • Lived out of a backpack for three weeks.

6. I passed all of my British classes!

7. I went to London for the Olympics. While it sucked to not be able to get a visa and stay to volunteer over the summer, I wouldn't trade my experience as a spectator for anything in the world.

8. I somehow managed to juggle an internship, a virtual internship, a weekly writing job, and my job at the gym in addition to a class for about a month. Then the virtual internship ended and... I kept doing everything else. And it was REALLY HARD.

9. I survived football season as a sport information intern with the UM athletic department. No small feat, I tell you. And that week or two of basketball/football season overlap? I may have gotten sick, but I did it!

10. I survived the apocalypse. Who's laughing now, Mayans?

The prospect of 2013 makes me kind of sad because it's not an Olympic year, and it's also the first time in my life where I have no idea what I'll be doing. I graduate in May, and then... Russia? Grad school at home? Getting a job? To say I'm not sure is an understatement. But being without a concrete plan means I've got lots of options and, as Herb Brooks once said, "great moments are born from great opportunity."

Bring it, 2013!

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