Pre-Europe Updates!

I don't know why I leave everything until the absolute last possible minute, but I have about an hour to get this written and posted and be out the door. Let's see if this happens.

Back when I first laid out my calendar for the semester, I predicted that March was going to be a pretty bleh month with some extreme bright spots, and I ended up being pretty spot on. So instead of having massive chunks of time I need to write about, I go a few days or a week with absolutely nothing but schoolwork happening, and then have a crazy awesome day. Now I just have to figure out where I left off.

I think it was almost two weeks ago now, but I had my last site visit for my architecture class. While I don't think analyzing buildings is my forte, it was definitely interesting to have all that stuff explained and be able to put buildings in a more historical context. We went down to the Thames, by Hay's Galleria and City Hall. It's that weird, kind of snail-shaped building right next to Tower Bridge. We got to go inside it and everything, and it's one of the coolest buildings I've ever seen. There are no flat surfaces, and basically everything is see-through! It's apparently supposed to symbolize that the government here is open and for the public, and the view of the city is supposed to remind them who they're working for. Really, really cool.

It was such a gorgeous day that I decided not to go straight back to campus. I walked along the river for a bit, from Tower Bridge to London Bridge, which I crossed. Luckily, it was NOT falling down. I also found the Monument, which gives Monument tube station its name. And, because I was in the vicinity of four tube stations, I picked one and headed back home. Seriously, if you're ever in central London, don't bother with the tube. Just walk everywhere. It's so easy!

On Friday, I did some baking with Amanda and had another volunteering shift over at LOCOG. :) I never get tired of saying that! Pretty much everyone but the two of us went to Wales on Saturday, so I got some work done, and then Amanda and I had homemade French onion soup and cheese buns for dinner. One word: DELICIOUS!

On Sunday, I casually went to Leavesden Studios (where they filmed Harry Potter) before it was officially open. Tesco had a competition to win tickets to the soft opening, and Lorraine and I each won. They were for different times, though, so we each took three people separately. I ended up going with Amanda and her friends from Cornell, Carly and Gerra. That worked out really well, because Amanda is one of the only people that can match my level of squee when it comes to Harry Potter. It was absolutely phenomenal! I won't go blow-by-blow, since we WERE there for like four hours, but some pictures should give you the general idea. :)

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I had a test on Monday and a paper due on Wednesday, so that probably gives you a clue about how the early half of last week went. But on Wednesday afternoon, the study abroad office had an organized trip to high tea at a fancy restaurant! We got to dress up all nice and eat unlimited amounts of scones with clotted cream and jam, tea sandwiches, puff pastries, little cakes... oh man. Total food coma. And tea absolutely tastes better when it costs you ten pounds!

The weather was so beautiful that day and Amanda, Angela and I were in no hurry to get back to work after consuming our body weight in sugar, so we just kind of hung around in Trafalgar Square for awhile. We sat on the edge of a fountain and chatted, people-watched, and photo bombed. It was warm and breezy and quite literally perfect. When it started getting chilly, we stopped in Waterstone's to browse for a bit. Because the only thing that makes a day better is a stop in a bookstore!

On Thursday, I saw Les Mis with Amanda, Carly and Gerra. Our seats were obstructed view, but we ended up getting to shift over to a better spot. It was really good! Quite long and rather depressing, and I definitely think it's more appropriate in novel form than it is for a show, but really powerful. Got a little choked up at the end, actually.

Friday was Erin's birthday, and there was a party thrown in her honor. I think I ended up being the only completely sober person there. While it was hilariously funny to watch almost everyone else spiral into drunkenness, I don't think I really like taking care of drunk people. And let me tell you, there were some DRUNK people. It was a good time, though, and I do like being the person that's the designated contact for the people going out to a club afterwards. Nobody's going to die if I can help it! :P

And now I have to be out the door in 15 minutes (fastest blog post EVER!), because my train to Paris is leaving soon. OHMYGOD. Eurotrip 2012 starts NOW! Paris -> Venice -> Lausanne -> Munich -> Berlin -> Copenhagen. London, I shall see you on the 21st, and I will return with blog entries galore!

...I was going to go all multicultural in my departure, but then I realized I only know one language of the countries I'm going to. So, uh, arrivederci! ;D

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  1. In a word - FABULOUS! I just love reading your blogs.